Baba ya Ong’er: Luo Granny Laments Rogue Monkeys Slapping Women and Dogs


-A Kisumu grandmother’s account of how rogue monkeys, or ong’er, invaded her farm went viral online

-Netizens are making fun of her humorous but solemn narration of human-wildlife conflict

A Kisumu grandmother’s passionate account of an invasion of rogue monkeys (ong’er) on her farm has sparked excitement on the internet.

The woman in the video, Philgona Were, claimed that although she had previously been forced to leave her farm, the wild monkeys had eventually relocated to her new shamba.

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According to her, the large male monkeys (baba ya ong’er) have started attacking children who are sent to get water.

“Nawacha kulima hapa niwachie Ong’er. Naenda kulima pahali ya miwa, ong’er nafuata mimi mpaka huko.”

Napita kwa hii boma, nakula maembe kubwa kubwa kama nakwisha naingia kwa shamba yangu nakula mahindi yote,” said Were in a thick Dholuo accent.

Tuma mtoto kwa mtoni, nenda lete maji. Oh, Ong’er ile iko baba… Baba ya ong’er nazuia yeye hapa pita..nataka kuchapa yeye.”

She asked Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to intervene to save the residents from the human-wildlife conflict.

Were’s neighbour also claimed the monkeys had been emboldened and were now slapping dogs.

“The monkeys have lately been bowing when they encounter the monkeys to avoid slaps,” she said.

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