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Traveling to Dubai? Here’s 15 Things You Should Know


If you are traveling to Dubai for business or to stay, there are a few things you should know before you hop on the plane.

Here’s a list of important things you need to know before your trip.

1. You’ll meet people from different cultures

Most major cities in the world are melting pots where people from different cultures converge.

And Dubai is no exception. Close to 85% of the popular city’s population is made up of expats. This is enticing for those keen on making friends from all corners of the world.


2. “TGIF” does not apply here

Well, I know you are aware that Friday is the holy day for Muslims. So basically, the weekend in Dubai commences on Friday and ends on Saturday.

It may sound overwhelming, but you’ll soon get used to how things happen here.

3. There’s no pressure to learn Arabic

If you’re traveling to Dubai, you’re in luck as long as you can speak English, which is widely spoken in the city. However, you’re likely to pick up some Arabic over time to enable you to communicate effectively with those who may address you in the language.

4. The cost of living is high

The average salary in Dubai is reasonable (about 21,500 AED per month in 2021). On the same scale, the cost of living is much higher given that the city tends to attract more wealthy and luxurious lifestyles.

For instance, the current house price in Dubai is about $670,000.

What’s more, groceries and restaurants will strain your purse strings given that many products have import taxes on them.

5. Ladies night is a daily affair

This was once a Tuesday tradition, but today it’s a daily affair.

There are tens of ‘ladies night’ deals on offer each night at various joints across the city. The venues invite women for free drinks, discounted meals, etc.

While men are allowed to come along, they have to pay for the experience.

6. Plenty of women-only areas

If you’re traveling to Dubai, just know the city has plenty of women-only areas. These include separate metro carriages and ladies’ taxis. What’s more, some beaches even hold female-only days, too.

And this is not a law from the UAE government; it’s an option for women who want their own space.

7.  It is a safe place to live

Strict punishments as well as long prison sentences have contributed to a good extent to making Dubai safe.

By the same token, the well-publicised convictions and use of undercover police have contributed immensely to reducing crime levels in the city.

In 2020, the UAE’s three cities—Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah—were ranked among the top 10 safest cities in the world.

8. Good medical insurance will go a long way

Investing in good insurance will ensure you are covered in case of a health emergency. This is mainly because the healthcare system in Dubai is not easily accessible to expats.

9. Just follow the rules

As earlier stated in point number 7, Dubai’s authorities have zero tolerance for criminals and their activities.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations before stepping foot on UAE soil.

10. You’ll need a licence to drink alcohol

To many visitors to Dubai, this may appear to be a tall order.

So if you want to consume, store, or transport alcohol in Dubai, you are required to have an alcohol licence. This includes whether you’re drinking in your own home or visiting a friend’s house.

Importantly, even if you have a licence to drink, avoid getting caught drunk in public settings, for you could land yourself a heavy fine or even jail time.

11.  It’s a city of innovation and technology

Intense technological transformation is what makes Dubai what it is today. There are AI tech start-ups and other investments in the tech sector aimed at ensuring the city emerges as a peerless city not only in the region but in the world.

12.  Get ready for the heat

Dubai temperatures average 40 ⁰C  is summer months, with humidity levels reaching over 90%.

This weather can initially prove unbearable to some people before their bodies adjust.

However, temperatures usually come down to the 20s in the cooler months, which are between December and March.

13.   Ramadan and Islamic holidays

Holidays in Dubai fall around Islamic traditions. As is common in every Islamic country, working hours are reduced to six hours a day during Ramadan.

Furthermore, eating and drinking in public during Ramadan may result in repercussions from authorities.

14. There is a lot of traffic

Whether commuting by the Dubai Metro or by bus, just know there’s a high likelihood you’ll encounter so much traffic.

However after staying in the city, you’ll come up with strategies for avoiding rush hour traffic.

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15. There’s never a dull day

Life in Dubai provides adventure on each new day. From meeting new people to car racing in the desert, life in Dubai is fun and provides unforgetable experiences.


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