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WATCH: Daughters Rebuke Cheating Dad, Read Out His Side Chick’s Texts    

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What would you do if you found out that your dad has been cheating on your mum and causing her emotional pain?

Would you reprimand him or would you leave the two – your dad and your mum- to sort out their issues.

Well, a video of daughters reading out to their dad’s cheating messages, has stirred mixed reactions online.

The viral video has one of the man’s daughter reading the text messages as the other one reprimands his dad using F-words

“Dad, you f***ed up” one of the daughters is heard repeatedly reprimanding his dad.

The man and his family said to have roots from Uganda is in the sitting room when it all begins.

One of the daughters goes berserk as texts between the man and his side chick are read out.

She, at one time, warns she will kill the man for humiliating their mother.

She further challenges the father about how he feels cheating on their mother

“Don’t act like you don’t know” she shouts as another daughter reads the messages.

Another girl reads a section of the text, thus:

“I just thought that this would end us in a secure place I’m so fed up just know I am so mature Truly miss your vibe” goes the text.

The messages continue:

“I know what’s nice to you believe me just next time it will be bloody if you can keep it up” continues the text.

In another text, the father was making plans to go swimming with his side chick.

“I wanna sit on you but I will be patient and wait, I will be free from cramps”

All this while the dad sits silently, perplexed, looking on with a cup of tea.

He on several occasions tries to calm the situation to no avail.

The video has attracted mixed reactions with a section of the netizens blasting the kids for disrespecting their father.

Crystal Ortiz wrote:

“A man who does not command the respect of the family enough for a request – “Dad, may we speak to you please”, at the family table, doesn’t seem to know or require protocol.”

“Regardless of skill, men do lead. In all honesty, if your house is a chicken coop and you call yourself the alleged leader, then yes, the buck stops with you.”

Another netizen remarked: “Those kids may not be his. A simp is a danger to himself, to Africa and the globe at large?

Brothers! Why be a simp?”

Another commentator wrote:

“His daughters do not recognize the boundaries. They have no knowledge of decency and respect.

I think these same daughters would equally tear their mother apart should they find reason to do so”

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Another commentator observed:

“These are kind of men who plays and hugs their daughters, they even sit in the living room together wakipiga story.

I never saw my sisters sitting in the living room with dad together.”

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