Samidoh Shuts Down Andrew Kibe In Nasty Online Tirade

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Andrew Kibe got into trouble on Monday, November 21 when he launched an attack against Mugithi singer Samidoh.

The Gossip YouTuber and self-appointed masculinity coach Andrew Kibe called out the Mugithi singer for being an unbridled cassanova.

Samidoh is known to take no prisoners when dealing with cantankerous fans or commentators online.

Kibe, in a video on his You Tube channel, claimed Samidoh had turned down an invite to hang out together.

He further went ahead to claim the artiste had declined and instead hangout with girls.

Kibe proceeded to paint a hapless portait of the Mugithi musician, describing him as immensely talented but losing focus due to his love for women.

“I asked Samidoh to come and I show him around during his weekend off when he was here for the tour. Just to show him how the rich gang lives. I was going to host him

He wants to just hang out with women. Now women are fighting over him. I would never allow women to fight for me on social media… Samidoh, you are weak. You are talented, but the whole energy you have given to three women,” Kibe ranted.


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Samidoh Fires Back

But in a swift rejoinder, Samidoh told off Kibe particularly claiming the content creator did not have a place of his own in the US.

He further claimed Kibe was being hosted by a rich couger in the US and there was no way he was going to pay him a visit in the circumstances.

“Haha hata kama ni content. Sometimes tumia tu akili.So i was to leave my work coz a lad has invited me over to his couger’s house? or for a helicopter ride? I am a kikuyu man!.

“I thought Tuli agree nitakam ukipata kwako bro si kwa nyumba ya mama  tungepiga aje kadrink hata? Ama nikimbie langata uone huyo mama watoto uliacha akishukuru mungu pia? Nakam Austin 4th lakini tulia. Drop address” Samidoh retorted.

The hilarious exchange elicited hilarious reactions from Samidoh’s fans.

Beverlyn Nyantika wrote: Sasa wewe nani ataeza kukupigania for sure,ata sura ndio hiyoooo hauna. Ni mwanamke mgapi atavumilia ujinga yenye uko nayo.

Mercy Mwai wrote: Kibeee kama madachu yako iliisha, usiingilie ya handsome wetu.

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Blessed Favour wrote: Kifee leo umepatwa vizuri. Hii walai haina comeback.

Ciriaka Mande wrote: Kibe ata wewe kula poa ukue na energy ya mwanaume kama babalao wetu.. jealous will kill you na wewe ni Ben ten huko majuu.

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