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Benny Hinn: Renowned Pastor Prays for Charlene Ruto to Get Supportive Husband


-Pastor Benny Hinn then prayed for Charlene to get a supportive husband

-First daughter Cherlene Ruto desires a supportive husband to support her vision for youth in Kenya and Africa

The first daughter, Charlene Ruto, desires to get a supportive husband to support her vision for young people.

Charlene said she had a burden to support young people in Kenya and across Africa.

“I love the young people of this country and Africa so much that God has called me to them. I pray God will make a way for me to do what he wants for the young people of our nation,” She said.

Following the request, Hinn asked the congregation to stand up as he led worship hymns.

President William Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto followed intently as the preacher went around Charlene seven times with hymns and words of affirmation.

“Lord, I dedicate her life to you. Use her mightily to touch the lives of young people. Protect her, Lord,” Benny Hinn prayed.

Charlene then requested the preacher pray for her to get a husband who will support her vision for young people.

The American preacher prayed:

“Give her a husband that will fulfil that call with her, Lord; send that young man her way. That will be a strength to her. A great support to her. She cannot do this alone, Lord; she is going to the battle field to win souls, to snatch souls away from the enemy’s camp.”


“She needs a husband, Lord, and she needs that husband soon; send them her way soon. Let them be exactly what she wants; everything she wants about a husband, grant it, Lord,” Benny Hinn proclaimed.

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President Ruto and Rachel smiled as Benny Hinn told Charlene to “go get them.”

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