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Rain Hits Kenya, Heat Wave Reduces as Benny Hinn Begins ‘Healing the Nation’ Crusade in Nairobi


-American televangelist Benny Hinn held ‘Healing the Nation’ crusade at Nyayo Stadium

-Thousands of believers and pastors attended the two-day crusade

-President William Ruto and the First Lady Rachel Ruto are among government officials who attended the crusade

The Kenyan netizens have been debating online on whether American televangelist Benny Hinn came with the rains.

To one group, the preacher’s coming played a part in the rains that fell on Friday evening and continued on Saturday morning.

Others, however, said the rains were expected as it the period of long rains that start on March.

The issue was a subject of an animated discussion with Pastor Benny Hinn’s followers saying the man of God’s coming brought the rains.

“What I have been telling you since March last year….. The Opening of the Heavens, through the rains were a sign from the spiritual Heavens that the the change in Government had a stamp of approval from God Himself,” wrote Gordon Opiyo.

However, another netizen appeared to differ with Gordon saying the rains were normal.

“Off season rains fall in February every year. In Kikuyu, they are known as maguna ng’ombe,” said Ephraim Njega.

Heat wave

Interestingly, many noted that the rains were rather abrupt given the prevailing heat conditions in the city and across the country.

“Let’s face it, there were not signs of rains even as of Thursday. It’s interesting the rains started on the wee hours of Saturday morning and continued during day time.

It’s far from a coincidence that it was the same Saturday that Benny Hinn started her crusade at Nyayo. We’re happy that the man of God came with the blessings. The heat wave in Nairobi was getting out of hand,” Said Mark Mwangi.

Thousands flocked the event that was attended by President William Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto.

The renowned televangelist commended Ruto for his faith in Christ and called Kenya a blessed country.

“This nation is blessed when the president desires to walk with God. My God, we come to you. Father, in heaven we bless this president, your servant, his wife, and his leadership.

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, extend his life in Jesus’ name. Bless his life, longevity, and wisdom. Open his eyes; he might behold all wondrous things, my Lord.”

Benny Hinn concluded his two-day national healing crusade in Nairobi, Kenya, on Sunday, February 25.

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The 71-year-old, who was born in Israel, is well-known for leading massive faith-healing crusades in many towns and countries.

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