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US-based Prophetess warns Ruto of Rebellion from CSs and Kenyans


-A US-based prophetess has warned President William Ruto of an impending storm

-According to the prophetess, Ruto will face rebellion from his cabinet members and Kenyans

A US-based prophetess has warned that President William Ruto will have a hard time governing Kenya.

In a stern message directed to President Ruto, the prophetess, who goes by the name Celestial, warned of an impending drought in Kenya.

She further warned the country will face political instability as cabinet secretaries and Kenyans revolt against Ruto.

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According to the prophetess who broadcasts her messages through the YouTube channel The Master’s Voice Prophecy Blog, God is angry with Kenya due to the increase of false prophets and teachings.

“God gave me a word for President William Ruto of Kenya, and he said to tell President William Ruto, you will have a storm on your hands. He said to tell him, You will have more than you can handle because of my judgements coming against Kenya for apostasy and false prophets.”

She specifically quoted the Shakahola Massacre, where hundreds of people starved to death following indoctrination and false teachings.

She said wiping out whole families due to false teachings had angered God, who was taking vengeance on Kenya for abandoning him.

“William Ruto is a good man. But this man has bitten more than he can chew.”

“He will be grappling with political instability among his cabinet members. He will also face public backlash for the string of economic woes that are coming.

Kenya is not going to experience hunger and drought but will also face economic instability.”

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Without clear-cut explanation, the she said that Ruto will govern a different Kenya from that of his predecessors.

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