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Nigerian Prophet who Prohesied Wiliam Ruto’s Win Warns Uhuru

Nigerian Prophet Primate Adoyele and President Uhuru Kenyatta PHOTO/COURTESY

A Nigerian prophet who predicted that William Ruto would win the just concluded presidential election has fired a warning at President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Prophet Primate Ayodele has warned that Uhuru would face the God’s wrath for failing to acknowledge Ruto’s win.

He said by keeping silence on Ruto’s win, the Head of State is trying to subvert God’s plan for the people of Kenya.

Ayodele said the stalemate which is currently experienced in Kenya following the declaration of Ruto as the president-elect is caused by Uhuru.

“Uhuru Kenyatta is the cause of the problem in Kenya because he wants to elongate his tenure, he should not try God because it will be disastrous for hi

“President-elect, William Ruto is God’s project, don’t truncate it otherwise, you will face the wrath of God, that is God’s warning to Uhuru Kenyatta,’’ Ayodele stated.

The man of God also urged Azimio la Umoja principal Raila Odinga to accept the outcome of the presidential election and in turn concede defeat.

“His Excellency, Raila Odinga should accept the result of the election in good faith, his time has elapsed and trying to compromise will only dent his image. Attempts to upturn what God has done will only lead to crisis,” he added.


President-elect William Ruto and outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta PHOTO/COURTESY

As earlier reported on, renowned Zimbabwean preacher Prophet Ian Ndlovu endorsed Ruto for the presidency, terming the outgoing DP as God’s choice for Kenya.

In a video widely shared online, the prophet noted that God had given Kenya a chance to have an intercessor associated with spiritual alignment and renewal

“God wants to use a prominent son of that nation whose name is Bill and the initial of the other name is R will those who make decisions choose what God has chosen,” he said.

He also hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta for betraying DP Ruto despite standing with him through thick and thin.

“God says to those who rule over Kenya when he makes you a Moses, just like your father was a Moses in your nation. He has given you a Joshua. He is the one who caused Joshua to stand by you through thick and thin, through your trials

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“God says do not betray your Joshua. After he has helped you to secure your seat of power for all these years. God says it is this Joshua that has the grace from HIM to continue from where you are going to leave. To continue what you started together several years ago,” Ndlovu stated.

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