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Social Skills That’ll Help You Win any Girl, Excel in Life

how to impress your girlfriend

Editor’s note: Kelly Magambo writes about social skills that can propel an individual to great success in life.

We’ve all probably had a friend who has only half your talent but has accomplished a lot in life.

He appears to have a knack for relationships and is doing well in business.

These individuals have the notable quality of not overanalyzing situations.

The truth is, many ambitions have been dashed by overthinking and overanalyzing.

I just read an article on Quora about a man who learned a new skill and quickly became an expert at approaching girls.

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According to him, the key is to be unabashedly oneself, avoid overanalyzing things, and be willing to accept rejection as a necessary step on the path to success.

This is essentially what life is all about. And when I looked at the lives of the most successful people I knew, I discovered that 98% of them had these characteristics.

Having said that, I am aware that you probably want to know how to get the curvy beauty you think is beyond your reach.

This is the advice that the Quora gentlemen gave on how to get your ideal girl to fall in love.

Stop overthinking

I used to walk up to any girl and be confident I could pull her number.

In college, I studied the art of social interaction and applied much of my knowledge.

At first, I used rehearsed lines.

I was getting attention, but it didn’t feel right. I wasn’t me.

So, I learned more about social interaction.

I discovered the psychology of being unapologetically yourself and embracing the moment.

This means not thinking about what you’re going to say but instead taking immediate action.

Not even several seconds of thinking.

When you give yourself time, you begin to imagine negative outcomes. Then you feel yourself get weak and hesitant.

Next, the simple act of even saying “hi” becomes impossible.

It sucks to think about everything you’ll say next in a conversation.

“What if this joke isn’t funny?”

“What if she has a boyfriend?”

“What if she doesn’t like the way I smell?”

Stop it.

Embrace your uniqueness at all times

You’ll be more excited about life.

You’ll be happier.

It will take practice. Just like working out, being unapologetically yourself is a muscle you need to exercise before you master the skill.

If you’re willing to persist through the pain of rejection, you’ll discover the beauty of simply being you.

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In turn, people will gravitate towards you faster than you’ve ever imagined.

What other social skills do you think are necessary for one to excel in life?

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