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Male Scent: How to Tell If a Girl Likes How You Smell


Our reporter discusses male scent, specifically why women are attracted to natural male scent.

You may have heard one of your ex-girlfriends, or perhaps your wife, admit that she was drawn to you because of the way you smelled. How accurate is that claim, then?

One of the first things that attracts a male to a female is the smell. Men’s perfumes are vigorously promoted, and if you pay close attention, you’ll notice the promotion is done using a well-known influencer or an athlete.

Superstars are generally the ones who promote fragrances. So, even though you can’t get celebrities to seduce your woman for you, you may still pull off the trick by using some of the popular products on the market.

One of the top 3 factors that turn on girls, according to research, is how a man smells. Numerous studies that ask participants about what draws them to the other sex serve to further support this.

According to genetic research, women inherit from their fathers unique genes that enable them to recognise different odours.

Imagine someone who has an offensive, sweaty, or pungent odour. Turned on? A resounding “no”—that is all there is to it.

The naturally occurring odours of pheromones are among the enticing smells that might make a girl feel attracted to you. These natural scents are widely used by perfume companies to turn people on.

The pheromones have a strong influence on inviting partners for sex throughout the animal kingdom. To mimic this effect, the majority of well-known cologne and perfume manufacturers contain pheromones.

In the animal world, ‘pheromones’ are odours that serve as signals for males to use to sexually entice females, according to a common myth.

But do pheromones also function in humans? Even though they don’t technically have pheromones, humans do have their own unique scent.

Each of us has a distinct scent, whether it be sexy, musky, nasty, or sweet, and this smell can serve as a sexual cue.

In other words, fragrance serves as a method of communication and has a significant impact on human sexuality.

Let’s examine how:

Smells and sexual arousal

Scientists have extensively researched the relationship between scents and libido, and they have conclusively demonstrated that:

1. Male odours that smell better to women belong to males who have immune genes that differ from their own. The theory behind this is that women can physically smell out the major histocompatibility complex, or MHC, in men. These genes have an impact on the immune system. In this way, Women can procreate with stronger partners who can defend their children.

2. Male scent, which also communicates or signals other information including body and face symmetry, testosterone levels, and behavioural dominance, is related to testosterone and male body odour.


It is true that testosterone is a key factor in luring women. Women’s preferences for partners fluctuate during the course of their ovulatory cycle. It also suggests that a woman loves the scent of guys with high levels of testosterone when she is very fertile or when she is likely to become pregnant.

This link has been proven by a 2013 study that was published in Evolution and Human Behaviour. Other research has shown that when a woman is in the fertile stage of her ovulation cycle, she prefers the scent of men who scored well on a questionnaire meant to measure dominance.

Furthermore, we are aware that higher testosterone levels have been linked to dominant behaviours like male aggression and status seeking in men, as well as perhaps even bodily symmetry.

Studies involving two groups of men—one with a pheromone scent and the other with a neutral one—showed that the latter group had a completely different reaction than girls. All animals’ pheromones are associated with elevated testosterone production, which enhances male arousal and performance.

How can I tell whether a female is drawn to my fragrance, and how should I approach her?

The only thing you guys need to do is spray on a musky fragrance that is seductive and attractive now that testosterone has been shown to be a magic bullet to attract women.

You should never entirely cover up your natural male scent in this situation. Why? Because a little male body scent makes women more attracted to them.

Signs of female sexual attraction

It is important to look out for women’s use of nonverbal communication, or any form of communication other than speech. Therefore, signs of sexual attraction typically include increased eye contact, a smile, glancing away, dilated pupils, and a body tilt. When a lady turns her torso to face you while you are speaking, it typically indicates that she may be attracted to you and may be ready to pursue the attraction to the next level.

When a woman confirms her interest in you, use non-verbal indicators like smiling and eye contact to approach her. The next move would be to touch her in a non-sexual area of her body. You might start by touching her hands or hair before delving deeper into the language of touch.

So, for guys trying to woo a girl, switch from your usual deodorant and fragrance to something more powerful. Of course, you have watched advertisements that feature women ripping the sleeves off of men’s shirts, and with good cause.

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While there is unquestionably a strong association between a man’s scent and how much a woman is drawn to him, there are multiple other binding factors. Speak with her and help her see that having sex is just one aspect of the relationship, not the only one.

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