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16 Clear Signs A Woman Has Slept With Over 100 Men

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Can you identify a woman who has slept with over 100 men?

Women are quite cunning and like to hide their tracks. Women with triple-digit body counts are frequently heard to claim that they have only ever known two men in their lives.

Having said that, the following hints point to a woman who has slept with many men.

She might not check every box, but even checking half of them should raise your suspicions.

This criteria is based on a Facebook post by KN Jacob.

1. She enjoys one-night stands: If a lady sleeps with you on your first date, it often suggests that she is accustomed to doing so.

2. She has done photoshoots while naked. It is crucial to consider who was taking the pictures of her. Why did she feel at ease having her body photographed while naked? It doesn’t matter if a man or a woman was taking the photos. The truth is that a respectable woman dislikes having her body exposed to the world. Contrarily, a promiscuous woman would even go so far as to post those images on social media since she has no regard for decency.

3. She watches porn every day. Pornstars have weak morals and tend to have affairs with anyone they encounter. On the day of the shoot, both men and women are allowed to sleep with more than 10 different women. If her role models are pornstars, then porn is where she finds happiness, satisfaction, joy, pleasure, and excitement. She is open to such a way of life and unquestionably resembles the pornstars she admires.

4. She sends you her nude photos. This kind of woman even has the audacity to start the conversation by requesting your nude images. This will enable her to assess your physical attributes and compare you to other men she has slept with in the past. No decent woman is comfortable sending pictures to anyone she comes across, much less nude pictures.

5. Her network of friends is promiscuous. Her buddies include lesbians, call girls, and people’s mistresses. She feels completely at ease around them and has a lot of admiration for them. She also talks about threesomes and is open to dating several men at once. She feels completely at ease bragging about her high body count.

6. Her nipples, or coochie, are pierced. She is simply suggesting that she is available at any moment to anyone.

7. She has tattoos that are clearly visible on her lower belly, inner thighs, buttocks, and breasts. Tattoos are mostly used for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, if she has tattoos on her breasts, inner thighs, and pelvic region, there is sufficient proof that she is a rogue and that her body is for public consumption. Numerous guys have probably marvelled at and touched the tattoos, so she strives for their validation and approval.

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8. Every week, she gets artistic genital waxing. She is totally fixated on waxing her intimate areas. I should point out that waxing one’s privates is quite acceptable. However, if someone is obsessed with waxing them every week, it is most likely because someone sees them every week. It’s important to note that this is not your standard waxing; such women subscribe to some designs so that others can admire them. These kind of women tend to be overly offended by the sight of even a single pubic hair.

9. She takes drugs, smokes, and drinks excessively. Finding a woman who enjoys smoking, using illicit substances, drinking heavily, and participating in such orgies is a sign that she doesn’t give a damn. There is a good possibility that a woman who is experimenting with strong drugs is also experimenting with her body.

10. She consistently displays her midriff, thighs, and low cleavage. This means that she barely covers the aforementioned areas. Her message is straightforward: Everyone is welcome.

11. She loves to party. She is unable to spend even one night at home. Such a woman constantly hops from one nightclub to another in search of adventure.

12. She is unable to put her phone down. She is juggling multiple relationships. She is unable to relax, even if you take her on a date.

13. She hangs around with way too many men. She even enjoys boasting about how she exclusively enjoys male company. Ironically, she has no trust in men. This is the kind of woman who will probably accuse you of being immoral and lose. This is so because those who lack morality often assume that everyone else lacks morality as well.

14. She is indifferent to a man’s touch. You’ll notice she likes to over-delay the hug if one of your male buddies gives it to her. She also doesn’t care where he touches her; he can touch her buttocks or thighs without bothering her. She can even sit on one man while entertaining another at a gathering. Because so many guys have caressed her body, she is entirely insensitive to their touch.

15. She uses foul language. There is plenty of profane and offensive language in her. Every sentence contains the F-word. The good book claims that the mouth speaks from the richness of the heart.

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16. She lies about her own identity on social media. She is likely to use fake names and give incorrect information about her educational experience, and her line of work. She has numerous social media profiles since she leads a complicated life.

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