PHOTO: Andrew Kibe Introduces His 2 Children, Fans React


-Self-styled boychild advocate Andrew Kibe shared a photo of him posing with his two children

-The photo elicited mixed reactions, with some of his followers casting aspersions on his teachings

Andrew Kibe, the self-styled boychild advocate, is in the country for the holiday.

While holidaying, Kibe showed off his all-grown children, who bear a striking resemblance to the media personality.

Kibe jetted into the country a few days after spending over three years in the US.

Andrew Kibe’s children

Kibe shared a photo with two children, a boy and a girl, and went ahead to hint that they were his children.

“With the fruit of my loins,” he captioned the photo.

The photo elicited mixed reactions, with some of the netizens lauding the US-based blogger for keeping the children out of the limelight.

Yet some accused him “of not living his advice.”

The controversial US-based blogger is known to advise men to keep from marrying and starting a family.

He is also known to advise men to be tough and avoid being soft to women.


Andrew Kibe with his children. Photo/Twitter


Here are some of the reactions:

Matt: I swear to God. They have the funniest father ever. Budangu akiita punnies lambistics naeza kuwa naisha! Andrew Kibe is a good person.

Kwibita: “I’m not a certified medical doctor, but we request DNA.”

Eyewitness: The many men who died listening to you said, “It was a joke all along.”

Palmoni: “These guys are just liars who thrive on seeing hatred.Wewe anakumaliza na simp sijui nini, wueeh, nothing should separate you from the true love of a lady, fellow men.”

Davis Muisyo: This one reminds me of that book, “Financial Advisor’s Debt: An expert in financial management advises clients on wise spending and saving, yet they themselves are struggling with substantial personal debt.” Preaching water and drinking wine leaves a bitter taste of hypocrisy.”

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Kijana Ya Baba: “So uko na watoto, yet you discourage people from marrying, huh?”

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