10 Things Women Hide From Men


There is this warped notion that men have of women: that we’re organised and always look good.

Yes, we are the more attractive sex, and while the woman you see may appear cool, collected, and always put together, there are some things she would like you not to know about what really goes on (both literally and figuratively) behind closed doors. These are a few of those downplayed universal traits.

1. When we wake up, we’ll look far worse than you do. The fact that all men appear to look almost the same in the morning as they do at any other time of the day is a crime of nature. Fresh. Women, on the other hand, must deal with last night’s makeup and its less-than-favourable impact on our morning looks. Now you know.

2. We frequently watch your moves on social media. Before we meet you, we will have tried everything to learn as much as we can about you—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it. Ex-girlfriends are included in this list as well. We will be mindful of their appearance and social circle. However, our approach is usually to deny, deny, deny when you inquire about this.

3. We don’t always wear sexy or even moderately alluring undergarments. Each of us has a number of pairs that we would prefer you not to see.

4. Observe the time we spend getting ready for a date. There is no doubt that women take longer to get ready than guys do, but there are steps we go through that you probably aren’t even aware of. The more time we spend getting to know you and feeling at ease with you, the quicker this process will obviously be, but the facts still stand. A helpful tip is to give it time, not question it, and simply enjoy the outcome.



5. We really don’t mind when construction workers make cat calls as long as they aren’t offensive or disrespectful.

6. We’re not as clean as you may believe. Although we’d like you to think of us as super-tidy, put-together, ladylike people, it’s not unusual for us to have a dirty bedroom with five days’ worth of tea cups mysteriously scattered all over it.

7. Despite the fact that we are in a perfect relationship with you, we continue to find other boys attractive. Of course, it won’t go any further, but we still have eyes, don’t we?

8. We discuss everything with our closest friend. Have you ever pondered the degree to which a girl’s friends are aware of you and your relationship? Actually, it’s probably quite a bit. But don’t worry, this information is not available to everyone and is only shared with close friends.

9. If you have a female best friend, it will never make us completely happy if we are in a relationship with you. Even though we know it’s probably harmless and that we would never say anything, we still don’t think it’s the greatest thing ever.

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10. We have fantasised about your friends in the same way that you have about ours, and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if they liked us well.

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