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A Single Nugget of Wisdom That All Parents Should Teach Their Children


Editor’s Note: Justin Kisanga shares a single nugget of wisdom that he believes can change a child’s life.

I had a classmate who was incredibly beautiful. She hogged all manner of compliments wherever she went.

What’s more, everyone, including teachers, treated her with extra grace. The school cooks also ensured she got the “top layer” during lunchtime.

In class, we, the boys, competed to get her attention by buying her stuff, from sweets to burgers.

Later in life, she got into business, and the same favour followed her. She quickly expanded her furniture shop as many men bought furniture in a bid to win her heart.

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She dressed modestly with little makeup, but still, her charm drove men crazy.

In a few years, she was a millionaire without much struggle, as is typical for most.

The world was bizarrely kind to her, and she had no idea. She innocently thought these were the default settings for the game.

I also had a classmate who slept for most of the math, physics, and chemistry lessons. In the same vein, he did not read during evening preps. In short, he didn’t work nearly as hard as me or anyone else in the room.

However, on the exam’s day, he would finish a two-hour paper within 45 minutes as we scratched our heads for answers. When the results came, he’d have 92%, as his closest challenger had 70%.

The rather laid-back classmate had two electrical engineers for parents. I nearly forgot that my classmate was very masculine, charismatic, and popular with girls.

He would later study chemical engineering and end up as the vice president of a unicorn.

As one inclined towards philosophical thinking, I sought to understand these two people’s level of luck.

What do these two, the beautiful lady and the very bright gentleman, have in common? Awesome genetics. Total endowment.

The lady was born beautiful, and her gorgeousness was visible to anyone she met. The male classmate inherited her parents’ super-intelligent abilities.

In this regard, we must keep in mind that some people are endowed with good things for no reason.

Therefore, it is no use getting jealous or depressed over that fact. So, get yourself to work and seek to grow what you’ve got.

Nugget of wisdom

When I was younger and feeling down on my luck and talent, my dad said, “Hey, what do you call an engineer who graduates after having to retake several units?”

I shook my head with pity.

My dad replied, “an engineer.”

The lesson is in the importance of persevering and knowing that we are all unique. And importantly, having a fighting spirit is everything.

At all times, we must drink from the wisdom of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, drawn from his famous poem, A Psalm of Life.

“Let us, then, be up and doing,

With a heart for any fate,

Still achieving, still pursuing,

Learn to labour and to wait.”

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Lastly, we must always keep in mind the words of Shakespeare, thus:

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

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