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109-Year-Old Ugandan Man Murders 108-Year-Old Wife Over Conjugal Rights


-Dominic Babiiha has been arrested by Ugandan police for allegedly murdering his wife over conjugal rights

-Police say the victim was stabbed with a billhook by the suspect at their matrimonial home

-Initial investigations show the suspect killed his wife for denying him conjugal rights

Police are investigating a case where a 109-year-old woman was found dead in her house.

Police spokesperson Samson Kasasira said Dominic Babiiha, 110, allegedly murdered Costansio Bakasisa with a billhook at their home in Kahunga, in the western district of Ntungamo.

“It is alleged that on Thursday, December 14, 2023, at around 8 p.m., the deceased reportedly turned down her husband’s request to join him in bed because she was feeling weak and had a cough.

The two peasants went to sleep in different rooms with the deceased to move in with his two grandchildren,” Kasasira said.

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The Monitor reports the suspect raised an alarm on Saturday morning, saying “he couldn’t die alone,” which made one of the granddaughters to suspect if there was a problem.

The granddaughters’ suspicions grew when they saw the suspect armed with a billhook.

The granddaughters say the suspect used the billhook to stab the deceased several times. This forced the former to run out to seek help.

“When she opened the door, the granddaughter saw the suspect armed with a billhook. The suspect ordered her out.

The suspect then immediately started stabbing the deceased several times, forcing the other great-granddaughter to run out and seek help from neighbours,” said the police boss.

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Preliminary police investigations show the couple lived in separate rooms.

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