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How Do you Know if Your Wife Has a Crush on Another Man?


It can be extremely upsetting when you begin to suspect that your wife has a crush on another man. You ask yourself a lot of things, such as, Is it your fault?

Which telltale indications indicate your wife is interested in another man?

Your wife might be skilled at hiding things, but she is not able to keep the truth hidden indefinitely.

For this reason, we have researched to provide you with some indicators that your wife has a crush on another man?

1. She starts to make some irrational demands

More than anybody else, you are the one who truly knows your partner. For instance, your spouse can start pressuring you to try out specific ‘bedminton’ positions. She may also start insisting that you do things for her, even if you are incapable of doing so.

2. She constantly mentions another man

Even in seemingly innocent conversation, if your wife repeatedly talks about another man, it may indicate that she has grown quite interested in him.

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This could be a workmate or a man she thinks is better than you. And nothing brings this out more than occasions when she is happy, annoyed, or generally excited.

 3. Shift in behaviour

She will act like she’s concealing something. She will not meet your gaze, giving the impression that she is sharing secrets with her friends. They swiftly shift the topic as you get closer. She won’t ever take her phone out of her sight and is constantly staring at it.

4. She begins to act strangely around you

In general, women are more emotional. She will get angry at her husband if she is in love with someone else. She won’t desire affectionate embraces and kisses from her spouse.

Or the contrary might occur. She can feel bad about the infidelity and want to make up for it by showing much more love than she did before.

5. Spending too much time away from home

It is possible for your spouse to begin arriving late from work if there is another man involved. In addition, she’ll have a tonne of other things to do, like go out to lunch with a friend or go on a girls’ night out. She never answers her phone when you call and will disappear for hours at a time.


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6. Sudden desire to appear more attractive

Most women have an innate desire to look pretty all the time. However, be wary if your wife starts worrying excessively about how she looks.

7. Disgust

She can find the kiss, the smell, and their intimate moments with her husband repulsive if she is in love with someone else. Her responses when he touches her will tell you. In the same way, a woman will not have anything to do with her spouse if he cheats on her.

 8. Criticism

Where there was once praise in your relationship, there is now criticism. All of a sudden, she finds your routines annoying and starts to criticise your appearance, your thoughts, and your behaviour. She was never disturbed by these things before, but now she can’t stand them. What’s more, she may also call you names in an effort to demean you.

9. She avoids discussing her day

She stays away from the topic since she doesn’t want to be too specific and contradict herself.

There’s less danger of her story having gaps the less it’s mentioned.

10. She gets confrontational when you inquire about him

Being defensive is one way to tell if your wife has a crush on another man.

Should you have suspicions about your spouse’s infidelity and inquire about this other man, her hostile response may indicate her affection for and desire to shield this other man.

Speaking about her feelings for him could make her feel awkward or guilty.


It may mean nothing if you just observe one or two of these indicators. A woman’s behaviour may change as a result of something her husband did to cause her pain.

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Avoid making snap judgements, even if you observe all 10 indications. Talk openly and honestly with your partner before assuming anything.

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