What is the Deadline For New Number Plates in Kenya?


Sometime last year, the government introduced new number plates as part of measures to combat forgery, swapping, and duplication.

Then-Interior CS Fred Matiang’i announced in August 2022 that the government aimed to phase out the old plates within 18 months.

The new plates have a “cooler” template with a FE-Schrift typeface that is smaller than the font on the old ones.

Some drivers have already acquired these, and they are starting to become familiar sights on Kenyan roads.

What’s new:

The monospaced letters and numbers on “smart” plates are slightly disproportionate to prevent easy modification and to enhance machine readability.

According to the government, the microchip technology and other anti-counterfeit security features on the plates make them extremely difficult to imitate.

The new licence plates feature a hologram of the Big Five animals, a watermark, and a specially imprinted national flag. What’s more, the new plates have distinct serial numbers linked to the vehicle’s chassis number for both the front and back plates.

From just the number plates, police will be able to gather key details about motor vehicles, including the year of manufacture, the kind and colour of the vehicle, the engine number, the type of gearbox, the date and location of manufacture, and insurance details.

The Interior Ministry said vehicles brought into the country will be fixed with plates at the point of entry.

The new plate’s data will be synchronised with the NTSA and Kenya Revenue Authority systems to curb tax cheating.


A sample of new digital number plates. Photo/courtesy

NTSA new number plate deadline

The deadline for applying for a new digital number plate is April 1, 2024.

How much is the fine if you don’t apply for a digital number plate?

“Any person who contravenes any of the provisions in the traffic rules, for which no specific penalty is provided, is liable for a fine not exceeding KSh20, 000 or imprisonment for six months or both,” states the Traffic Act.

Cost of new digital number plate

The application fee for a digital plate for a motor vehicle is KSh 3,050 plus a KSh 500 application fee. For motorcycles, it’s KSh 1500 plus a 500 application fee.

How to apply for the new digital number plates from the NTSA

  1. Visit
  2. Select the registration of motor vehicle(s).
  3. Log into your account.
  4. Choose Apply for reflective plates, select the vehicle, and click Next.
  5. You will be asked to give an explanation for your application.
  6. Select that you need the new generation plates.
  7. Select your preferred method of being notified.
  8. Choose a number plate and format, such as oblong or square.
  9. Upload copies of your old licence plates (front and back) and logbook in PDF format.
  10. Choose your collection point and input the ID of the person collecting it.

Confirm by paying the KSh 3,050 fee.

You will be notified when your plates will be ready and notified to visit your chosen centre to pick them up.

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NTSA says motorists can wait for the new number plates for up to two weeks.

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