Hot Bedding: Woman Makes KSh 90K Per Month Renting One Side of Her Bed to Strangers


-Have you heard about ‘hot bedding?

-One forward-thinking businesswoman made money by renting out half of her mattress to those who needed a cheap place to sleep.

-She called this practice ‘hot bedding’.

The rising cost of living has compelled people to get creative.

Monique Jeremiah, an Australian from Queensland, conceived the idea for hot bedding when her income dried up and she was looking for a way to make some extra money during the pandemic.

The Australian woman claims that renting out half of her bed for a cool $631 About 90K) a month is the “perfect solution” for people who are struggling financially and are feeling lonely.

The 36-year-old used the extra money to restart her career and launch Diversity Models, a modelling agency that specialises in offering mature, curvy, and cultural models to companies.


Monique Jeremiah. Photo/courtesy

According to the Australian reality TV star turned entrepreneur, this is the future of property owners.

“It is the perfect avenue to save money, live simply, and, of course, not be alone.”

“Hot bedding is excellent for people who are able to detach emotionally and sleep next to another person in a completely respectful and non-strings-attached manner,” Jeremiah told Caters News.

Despite calling it the “perfect situation,” the business entrepreneur did acknowledge that it was crucial to establish certain limits for both sides.

“It is the perfect situation, especially if you are a sapiosexual, like myself, and you prefer companionship over the physical,” she explained.

She added, “It takes two people who respect each other’s space, values, and boundaries to do hot bedding.”

Jeremiah says that hot bedding is “just like” sleeping in a room with two beds. The key difference is that you share a single mattress.

“It’s similar to sharing a room with two beds, but since you just sleep in the same bed, you’ll need a big bed and a lot of space for it to be worthwhile,” she added.

Jeremiah came up with the concept after her world, like many others, was turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At the start of COVID in early 2020, I suddenly found myself single; my thriving business of an international education agency and student accommodation collapsed overnight, and my teaching career suddenly became unfulfilling as education went online,” she explained.

“My life was literally imploding beyond my control,” she said.

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“I knew my only option was to innovate and think outside the box, and that’s how I decided to do it.”

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