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To Men: 18 Things to Avoid to Become Rich

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James Kamau offers helpful suggestions as to things to avoid to become rich based on his chats with a successful friend.

My friend once teasingly said to me, “You are too soft, and you allow yourself to get distracted by little things.”

He went on to say that I couldn’t make sacrifices to get what I wanted. My friend doesn’t use social media and instead spends most of his weekends browsing websites like YouTube and others to learn new things.

I also came to the realization that I lack ambition and drive and that I choose ease and enjoyment over personal development.

I learned crucial details from the following conversations that helped build this article.

Here are some of the things to avoid to become rich.

1. You like comfort and having fun with fake buddies. You’re in the middle of viewing a YouTube video about a new programming language when your phony friend calls to invite you to a party. You abandon whatever you were doing to join your unfocused buddies because you lack the strength to say no. And that you pass up the chance to acquire a skill that could change your life.

2. You worry about failing. You enjoy criticizing the bold and the courageous, considering that is the simple part. You respond that you are not interested when your friend asks you to start a business with them by claiming that many firms fail within the first three years. You also inform him that, because Saturdays and Sundays are family days, you cannot work on those days. On the other hand, you have plenty of time on weekends to indulge in booze while watching EPL games.

3. You are on social media, where you have a reputation for entertaining and amusing netizens with frequent posts. You get an immense thrill when girls respond to your posts, so you continue to amuse them. You therefore have the likes andcomments, but no money. Stay off social media and engage in worthwhile income-generating pursuits.

4. You are always on time at work, but you never show the same zeal in your own side business. You are thus incredibly committed when working for someone else but uninspired when pursuing your own goals. It takes steadfast persistence and complete focus to pursue your dreams. Your benefits will be substantial if you work hard and wisely.

5. You have no principles and spend a lot of money trying to win people over. In an effort to make friends, you are spending an excessive amount of money on buying alcohol.

6. You are wholly committed to your job and lack a backup plan. You don’t have a plan for your own development, as if you think you’ll always have a job. The day you lose your job is the day you’ll understand how crucial it is to have additional income.

7. You are dating a lot of different ladies. You are spending a lot of money—money that you could invest and use to earn dividends—on your numerous dates’ entertainment. Why not get married as well and stop the waste?

8. You lack the motivation and plans to improve your life. You appreciate nice cars and homes, but you don’t know how to put in the necessary effort to obtain your goals.

9. You spend beyond your means. Even your undesirable behaviors, like abusing alcohol and drugs, are financed by borrowing.


Budgeting and living within your means are crucial. Photo/courtesy

10. You thrive on competition. You take out a loan to buy a new car as soon as you see your coworker driving one. When you see your coworker using the most recent iPhone, you borrow money right away to keep up.

11. You lack a respectable network. Your network is your net worth. Now, if all you talk about with your circle of friends is women and alcohol rather than investing, this will become noticeable in the years to come.

12. You have abandoned your parents and are now entertaining slay queens in the city while they struggle to meet their basic needs. Remember the Bible’s fifth commandment, which states that honoring your parents will lead to a long and fruitful life.

13. You lack patience. You are being advised to launch a business today so that you can benefit from it in ten years. You reject. So you keep telling yourself that “things will get better” someday. No, the situation might even get worse. Additionally, practice practicing delayed gratification.

14. You hate to travel and meet new people. Travelling helps expand our perspectives. When you visit new places, you get new ideas, but it also hits you that you might not be doing as well as you may have thought. What’s more, travel presents you with a wealth of top-notch investing alternatives.

15. You have been conditioned to whine about trivial inconveniences. You also think that success is the result of luck rather than hard work. Stop whining and accept the fact that no one will rescue you from poverty.

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16. You have a masturbation and porn addiction. These two habits have completely messed your focus.

17. You procrastinate. The truth is that even the tiniest action is preferable to a lot of talking.

18. You don’t care about your health at all. You are sluggish and cognitively weakened because you don’t exercise and eat everything you can find.

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