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Woman Dating Akorino Identical Twin Brothers Confused after Getting Pregnant

The twins and their wife PHOTO/YOUTUBE

Two twin brothers has sparked mixed reactions across social media after disclosing that they married one lady.

In a YouTube interview with content creator Nickolas Kioko, Teddy, Peter and their wife said they are in a serious relationship, adding that they are expecting a child together.

The three said they are yet to formally get married although they have already moved in together.

“We are family, this is our wife, me and bro we are twins. We share the same wife because we are twins. We live together, we share the same bed

“Sisi ni watu na bibi yao. We are twins. Kuna hii kitu twins hukuwa nayo, twin mmoja akipenda pia huyo mwingine anapenda,” Teddy said.

The lady identified as Emily also sparked reactions after admitting that he was not sure who was responsible for her pregnancy.

“Mimba sijui ni ya nani. Tunashare the same bed, kila kitu ni kimoja sasa siwezi jua kama ni ya huyu ama huyu,” she said.

Peter said that when Emily shared news of the pregnancy, they accepted the responsibility since they are in a serious relationship.


The Akorino twin brothers and their pregnant wife PHOTO/COURTESY

In other news, actor Tyler Mbaya’s brother, Mungai Mbaya disclosed that he was in a polyamory relationship.

In a Q & A session on Instagram, his ex-girlfriend Aisha said they would date two girlfriends in their relationship.

“The first girlfriend we dated for eight months then we broke up and the current one, this is the third month,” Aisha said.

On what if Mungai fell in love with another woman, Aisha said;

“We all know our stand in the relationship and I know Mungai. If he was the type of a man, we wouldn’t even be dating or I wouldn’t even have brought this up but he is not.”

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She added;

“If either of us ever falls in love with someone else, we have a conversation and we will break up because that is where you stop fighting for someone but we won’t stop being friends. Otherwise, nothing can break us.”

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