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Muthoni Mukiri: Fans Revisit Ex-Inooro TV Anchor’s Post Mocking Ruto

Media Personality Muthoni Mukiri and President-elect William Ruto PHOTO/COURTESY

Former Inooro TV news anchor Muthoni Wa Mukiiri has found herself on the receiving end once again after fans revisited a post where she ridiculed President-elect William Ruto.

In 2021, the media personality sparked mixed reactions after sharing a meme mocking Ruto on her Facebook page.

The post contained a meme which seemed to ridicule DP Ruto’s attempt to utter Kikuyu greetings during his recent Mt Kenya campaigns.

Muthoni had to pull it down in less than 20 minutes and deactivated her account after the DP’s supporters went to the comment section of other posts firing warnings.

On Instagram, the journalist also restricted comments on her posts.

Now, hours after the Supreme Court upheld Ruto’s win, his supporters camped at Muthoni’s page over the meme dating a year back.

The politician’s supporters trolled the media personality over the same.

Check out their reactions below.

Njeri: Ulijiangusha sana na huyo smart boy wakoo tutamchukua huku inje kaa smart girls ujue mungu halalangi kwa mukiri kagege.

Humprey Billy: Welcome back to Kenya, the land of bottom up and a hushlers nation led government.

Veronicah Kiragu: It’s so disgusting how people keep reminding one of a mistake she did. Honestly we are also not perfect and God doesn’t keep reminding us that we sinned.she also apologized. Let’s s grow up.

Lucky Nesh: Ningesema nikukumbushe kuhusu ile post ya Mr President lakini sitakukumbusha.

Kieni Nyarari: Mathani agocwooooooooo. It’s ruto the 5th president of the Republic of Kenya.


Media personality Muthoni Wa Mukiiri PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Elsewhere, Justina Wamae has sparked mixed reactions online after laughing at her former boss, Roots Party leader George Wajackoyah.

Wajackoyah was at the center of a discussion online after journalists left him ‘hanging’ while making his statement on live TV.

He was speaking following the Supreme Court verdict on Monday, September 5.

However, while making his remarks, a section of Kenya Kwanza lawyers led by Kithure Kindiki appeared and the media shifted to them leaving Wajackoyah alone.

Among those who reacted to the video is Wamae who laughed at Wajackoyah and accused him of being a project.

She noted that her former boss was also seeking a job in the government but only that his preferred candidate flopped and failed to secure the top seat.

“Despite intimidations and threats, media imeenda kwa important persons. Ati 6m wapi Roots ilipata 61,969? But ni confirmation alikuwa project. Pia yeye alikua anatafuta kazi isipokuwa bet imeungua,” Wamae wrote.

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