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Justina Wamae Laughs at Wajackoyah after Media Left Him on Live TV

Roots Party leader Geirge Wajackoyah and Justina Wamae PHOTO/COURTESY

Justina Wamae has sparked mixed reactions online after laughing at her former boss, Roots Party leader George Wajackoyah.

Wajackoyah was at the center of a discussion online after journalists left him ‘hanging’ while making his statement on live TV.

He was speaking following the Supreme Court verdict on Monday, September 5.

However, while making his remarks, a section of Kenya Kwanza lawyers led by Kithure Kindiki appeared and the media shifted to them leaving Wajackoyah alone.

Among those who reacted to the video is Wamae who laughed at Wajackoyah and accused him of being a project.

She noted that her former boss was also seeking a job in the government but only that his preferred candidate flopped and failed to secure the top seat.

“Despite intimidations and threats, media imeenda kwa important persons. Ati 6m wapi Roots ilipata 61,969? But ni confirmation alikuwa project. Pia yeye alikua anatafuta kazi isipokuwa bet imeungua,” Wamae wrote.

In other news, Wamae has admitted that she is ready to work with the government.

The outspoken politician has recently been on the receiving end for among other reasons congratulating President-elect William Ruto.

She stated that she is willing to work should a job come her way after the next president’s assumption of office.

“If you see my page and all reactions, people troll me saying that I’m looking for a job, kwani ni siri? Me natafuta job

“Tumeenda elections, President mpaka MCA walikua wanatafuta jobs, mimi najifanya niko na kitu na sina? Sina, me natafuta job, kwani ni siri,” she said.

Wamae added that she has passion in public service and she can work in any of the three arms of government.

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“If someone says that I’m looking for a job that’s true because my passion is in public service, and public service includes the three arms of government. So people should stop shaming me, I’m looking for a job,” she added.


Roots Party presidential running mate Justina Wamae casting her balot on the voting day PHOTO/COURTESY

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