(Video) Pastor Warns Women Against Marrying Dreadlocked Men

A pastor has sparked hilarious reactions online after warning ladies against getting married to men with dreadlocks.

The street preacher made the remarks while sharing the word of God in the streets and seemed to take a swipe at a dreadlocked man walking by.

He warned ladies against getting married to dreadlocked men noting that they have a habit of dating several women.

Interestingly the man was also preaching in front of a beauty shop that specializes in making dreadlocks.

“Wacha nirudie tena nyinyi wasichana musiolewe na marasta. Marasta hawafanyangi kazi ni majamaa ya kuzunguka akiuliza wasichana unanipenda

“Usiolewe na rasta, kataeni marasta,” the preacher said.

This is what Kenyans had to say about the viral video.

@michollinga: But why is a pastor this discriminative. Wueehh hawa hupreach Bible haiko coz they don’t have content and understanding that God looks at the heart.

@johnnjenga: Dear Mr Piasta. Ya don know. Greetings in the name of the MOST HIGH Jah Rastafari, yes, in the name of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selasie. Rastaman im have no fear fi atomic energy, cause non a dem kin stop di tyme. It follow dat: rastaman im have no fiya fi a false prophet.

@EguarEglin: Msiolewe na warasta” just right infront of Angie Dreadlocks salon. The potential son-in-law must be getting a retouch inside there. Vayolence is everywhere.

@Twashelilly: They definitely REQUIRE knowledge in theology, unless inspired by the Holy Spirit to share the gospel of Christ. But the doctrine MUST be sound and based on the BIBLE.

Elsewhere, SDA pastor Elizabeth Mokoro warned women against marrying men who are younger than them.

She maintained that age is not just a number as widely believed, insisting that marriages where women are older than men are bound to fail.

She explained that a woman was made out of a man’s rib and so a man should come first in any type of union.

Mokoro explained that anyone who goes against the analogy is trying to reverse the original order and he will be shocked in the end.

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“You came before the man. Your rib is elsewhere. God was not a fool. So if you know you are in this relationship where you are older than the boy quit as soon as yesterday. It won’t work,” she said.

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