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Brazil: Conjoined twins separated after 27-hr surgery


A set of Brazilian twins who were conjoined at the end and shared fused brains have successfully been separated.

The twins who were born with fused brains were separated after undergoing seven procedures at a medical facility in Rio de Janeiro.

The procedures were done under the directions of pediatric surgeon Noor ul Owase Jeelani from London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital.

According to the Evening Standard, Bernardo and Arthur Lima were treated for a total of 33 hours and they were attended by over 100 medical staff.

Jeelani noted that before performing the surgeries, the medical staff had to undergo master virtual reality training programs for months.

The surgeon noted that he was anxious about the surgery since past unsuccessful surgeries to separate the twins had caused complications.

“The successful separation of Bernardo and Arthur is a remarkable achievement by the team in Rio and a fantastic example of why the work of Gemini Untwined is so valuable,” Jeelani said.


The conjoined Brazilian twins PHOTO/COURTESY

Jeelani termed the surgery the hardest at the moment.

“Not only have we provided a new future for the boys and their family, we have equipped the local team with the capabilities and confidence to undertake such complex work successfully again in the future

“It is through this process of teamwork and knowledge-sharing globally that we can hope to improve the outcome for all children and families that find themselves in this difficult position,” he added.

Following the surgeries, the twins will go through six months of rehabilitation and are currently recovering in the hospital.

“There were a lot of tears and hugs. It was wonderful to be able to help them on this journey,” Jeelani said.

The twins were born with a condition identified as craniopagus twins.

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This is a term for two independent children that are connected to each other with fused skulls, intertwined brains, and shared blood vessels.

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