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(Video) Zimbabwean Prophet Says God has Chosen DP Ruto to Succeed Uhuru


Renowned Zimbabwean preacher Prophet Ian Ndlovu has endorsed Deputy President William Ruto for presidency in the forthcoming elections.

In a video widely shared online, the prophet noted that God had given Kenya a chance to have an intercessor associated with spiritual alignment and renewal.

Ndlovu of Divine Baptist Church also asked the electorate to vote in Ruto in the much anticipated elections slated for next week.

“God wants to use a prominent son of that nation whose name is Bill and the initial of the other name is R will those who make decisions choose what God has chosen,” he said.

Shortened versions of the name William in English include Will, Willy, Willie, Bill, and Billy.

He also hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta for betraying DP Ruto despite standing with him through thick and thin.

“God says to those who rule over Kenya when he makes you a Moses, just like your father was a Moses in your nation. He has given you a Joshua. He is the one who caused Joshua to stand by you through thick and thin, through your trials

“God says do not betray your Joshua. After he has helped you to secure your seat of power for all these years. God says it is this Joshua that has the grace from HIM to continue from where you are going to leave. To continue what you started together several years ago,” Ndlovu stated.

This comes barely a week after Zambian politician Fred M’membe claimed that Raila Odinga was supported by international mining companies seeking to pitch camp in Africa.

Speaking during a conference dubbed, Mining for Change on Wednesday, July 22, the politician maintained that he had prove of the allegations he made.

He noted that sponsoring influential individuals, especially those in the political space, is not happening in Kenya alone.

“They are sponsoring puppets in all these Bantustan countries including South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia and  I can prove it. If anyone wants to challenge me, I am ready

“They are trying to sponsor puppets in Kenya in the coming elections. The foundation has gone there with some Zambians from State House, where they are supporting Odinga Raila,” M’membe said.

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M’membe said the foundation was targeting individuals whom they feel they will allow them to continue micro-managing African countries if they win elections.

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