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Tingiza Mti: Details of Wajackoya’s 2-Page Manifesto


Roots Party presidential candidate Prof. George Wajackoya on Thursday, June 30 launched his manifesto in an event at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC).

In the event, the presidential hopeful announced the party’s main intentions should they clinch the top seat come August 9.

Top on the list was the introduction of marijuana farming and its legalization for export and medicinal purposes.

Wajackoya insisted that revenue which will be generated from marijuana can clear the country’s debt.

“If we can grow Bangi in Nyeri alone, each Kenyan could get a dividend cheque of KSh 200,000 every year from the sale of Bangi. If we grew Bangi in Nyeri alone, we would build 2 expressways in each county in Kenya,” he said.

Introduction of snake farming in the country also topped his agenda, explaining that the country could reap big from the anti-venom market by farming poisonous snakes.

“If we did snake farming Kenya, each venomous snake farmer will earn an average of KSh 600,000 per vial of anti-venom

“For example a cobra farmer will make KSh 742,644 from a vial of cobra anti venom. If we harvest Black mamba anti-venom a Kenyan farmer will make 624,000 per vial,” said Wajackoyah.


Roots Party presidential aspirant George Wajackoyah and his running mate Justina Wamae PHOTO/COURTESY

Wajackoya also spoke on exporting dog meat, arguing that a kilogram of dog meat costs six times more than the regular goat meat.

“Kenya exports beef, goat and lamb to the Middle East. For instance each kilogram of goat costs an average of KSh 400 per Kilogram. But if we export dog meat we will earn KSh 2,400 per kilogram,” he said.

Wajackoya’s other agendas are;

  • Executing corrupt government officials in public.
  •  Shutting down the Standard Gauge Railway which he says is a symbol of Chinese colonisation.
  •  Introducing a 4-day work week.
  •  Suspending parts of the constitution that ‘do not work’.
  •  Shifting Kenya’s Capital from Nairobi to Isiolo since the Eastern town is more centrically located and can be accessed from all parts of Kenya comfortably.
  • Creating 8 states which will be governed by their own federal governments
  •  Deporting idle foreigners from Kenya.

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Wajackoya was flanked by his running mate Justina Wamae among other party officials.

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