Mum Rebukes Daughter after Watching Her Twerking TikTok Videos


A video of a Kenyan mum reacting to a video of her daughter dancing on TikTok has emerged sparking mixed reactions.

The mother came across the video of her daughter twerking on the social app and confronted her about it.

She scolded her daughter, urging her to upload videos preaching the word of God instead of creating and sharing twerk videos.

The mum maintained that her daughter would be blessed if she changes her ways and preach the gospel.

“Ambia watu kuhusu Yesu acha hii kazi ya kucheza cheza saa yote ubiri watu waokoke ata Yesu atakupea kibali Mbinguni haitakufanyia kitu hakuna mahali hii kazi ita wapeleka ebu wacha kunifanyia mdomo hivyo ninaesema ambia watu kuhusu Yesu wacha mambo ya kutingika tingika TikTok,” she told her daughter.

The video sparked reactions from netizens who share their experiences when their mums discovered their content on TikTok.


@sararizikishariz: My mother once told me the same things.

@cindy96: My mum is like ungekuwa umesoma chapter moja ya bible instead of watching tiktok.

@petermanyi: She has great point. Maybe God is speaking through her, a mother can say harsh words to you openly but secretly she prays for you.

@just_joy264: This is literally what my mom would tell me lakini uzuri ni private account.

@frankchief370: Anasema tu ukweli hii kudance haipeleki watu mahali anamea mix content.

Elsewhere, radio presenter and content creator Azziad Nasenya was on Tuesday, April 19 trolled online after she shared her photos without makeup.

Most of her photos online are well-edited or she has some makeup on.

However, in a post she made on Tuesday, Nasenya shared makeup free photos sparking mixed reactions from netizens.

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The photos showed black spots on her face which was unusual for her, according to photos she has previously shared online.

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