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Eldoret: Man Tells Court He Smokes Bhang to Promote Wajackoyah


A man has stunned many after claiming that he smokes bhang to promote Roots Party presidential aspirant George Wajackoyah.

Appearing before an Eldoret Court, 47-year-old Boniface Mutua said he smokes bhang to get energy to campaign for the presidential hopeful.

“For now, I smoke bhang to gain courage and voluntarily campaign for Wajackoyah, who has promised to legalise the cultivation and smoking of bhang,” he told the court.

Mutua was arrested in Bahati, Ainabkoi Constituency after being found in possession of three rolls of bhang estimated at KSh 90.

He also told the court that he will be among the pioneer farmers of bhang if Wajackoyah becomes the president.

“Who knows, I might be among the commercial farmers of bhang if my candidate is elected president and legalises bhang,” Mutua stated.

The magistrate asked Mutua to stop consuming the drug until his preferred presidential is elected.

“You will be sentenced after your own plea of guilty, since for now it is illegal to trade and use bhang without a prescription from a doctor,” the magistrate said.

The case will be mentioned on July 27.


Roots Party presidential aspirant George Wajackoyah and his running mate Justina Wamae PHOTO/COURTESY

Elsewhere, lawyer Miguna Miguna poked holes into Wajackoyah’s academic certificates, challenging the presidential hopeful to prove the validity of his academic papers.

He asked Wajackoyah to prove that his professorship was vested on him by a recognized university.

“You claim to be a “university professor” and many of us would wish to congratulate you fervently for such glorious academic achievement but only if you could be so kind as to give us credible evidence that your professorship was vested on you by a recognized university,” Miguna tweeted.

Miguna also wondered how Wajackoyah claims to have 26 degrees which he said he acquired from the UK yet he has grammatical errors in both writing and speaking.

“You claim to have 26 university degrees, mostly from the UK, and the majority of which are supposed to be “law degrees,” yet a casual review of your statements, utterances and writing in English discloses SYNTAX that is not related to the English Language. Please explain,” he wrote.

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“You say to have been a street kid who was adopted by former KANU SG Joseph Kamotho, was James Kanyotu’s PA when Dr. Ouko was murdered, a murder you claim to have witnessed, yet you say you washed dead bodies and dug graves to survive. Please explain.”

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