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Study: Men Who Get Regular Morning Erections Likely to Live Longer


A new study has shown that people who get regular morning erections are more likely to live longer.

According to the study, scientists in Belgium tracked about 1,800 middle-aged and older men to record how often they get an erection when they wake up.

The study that took 12 years showed that people who experienced regular morning erections were 12 percent less likely to die that those who do not.

Such people, according to the study were less likely to die from diseases such as heart disease and strokes.

Leen Antonio


Dr Leen Antonio, of University Hospital Leuven who led the research also associated erectile dysfunction to high mortality rate.

The study also noted that night-time arousal reduces chances of life-threatening illnesses.

“Loss of morning erections are a sign your arteries are not functioning properly. That means you are at significant risk of a heart attack or stroke within three to five years

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“This applies to celibate, single men, not just those who have a partner,” Dr Geoff Hackett, an urologist and former president of the British Society for Sexual Medicine said.

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