10 Ways Your Broke Facebook Friend Will Change if They Become a Millionaire


If you see something like ‘ I normally find challenges driving at night and such, the aim is for you to know they have since left route 11 and have bought a car’.

Kenyans are a peculiar lot. And true to form, it is easy to single out a Kenyan man or woman who has become a millionaire.

It is an open secret that social media is where people most broadcast their successes, majorly showcasing ostentatious lifestyles, their tastes, interests and buying power.

Now, a netizen with a keen eye has outlined observations that show that someone has made it big.

Here are some of the signs your social media friend is doing well financially.

1. They go mute on social media. Yes, you heard me right. You know the types who will quit social media on pretext the discussions on Facebook reek of ‘low value.’ Some will move to Twitter on premise that Facebook is for intellectual dwarfs.

2. They will start discussing keto diet, going to the gym and their morning jogs on social media. They will talk of their workout regimen and low carb diet and proceed to post pictures to show off well-toned bodies.

3. She will discuss the much they pay their nannies. Something like: “There’s this nanny that I used to pay KSh 35,000. Then one day….” Get the drift, the story would still make sense without mentioning the nanny’s pay but then memsahib insists you must know she pays her nanny really well.

They start finding it tedious to express themselves in Kiswahili and mother tongue. Yes, in Kenya, this is one of the signs that you have made some money. You know the “Muzurry” and “Kiswahili ni ngumu” quips after every Swahili/mothertongue quip.

Human beings are vain creatures. So expect this lot which has suddenly made it to engage in conspicuous consumption, all captured in pics.

You know the guys that will post bills amounting to tens of thousands of shillings, their cars and trophy wives on social media. All for likes and validation from strangers.

Posting TBT photos with captions like “watu hutoka mbali” (I have come a long way). If you see this trend, just know your friend has made some money…I’m talking about the account balance that somehow assures their egos that they have ably crossed over ‘River Poverty’.

Commenting with telling messages. If you see something like ‘ I normally find challenges driving at night and such, the aim is for you to know they have since left route 11 and have bought a car’.

9. After becoming millionaire, they will ask for all manner of recommendations on social media. While some are genuine cases, a good number of posts are meant to win validation from strangers and to pass the message someone is doing fine economically.

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10. After becoming millionaire, they will avoid watching local news. They will talk of how the local news is ‘gory and stuff’ and why it’s wise to stick to international news channels like CNN, BBC, etc.

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