Bien Sauti Sol Shares Story of Poverty, Suffering After His Dad Lost his Job


-Bien Sauti Sol has opened up about how his family fell from grace to grass

-The singer said his family plunged into abject poverty after his parents lost their well-paying jobs

-Bien said the trauma borne from abject poverty influences his spending habits to date

Sauti Sol lead singer Bien Aime Barasa has opened up about his family’s struggle after both his parents lost their jobs.

Bien Sauti Sol said things took a turn for the worse after his father and mother lost their high-flying jobs, crushing them into abject poverty.

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While speaking on Engage, Bien said the loss of income forced them to move from their spacious house in Kilimani to a smaller house.

“From Kilimani, we moved to a smaller house in a smaller house in a place called Kamura.”

“You see, the house was completely unfinished. There was no ceiling, the walls were not painted, and the floors were not done. The basic plumbing in the house was not done either, and the house did not have electricity,” he said.

Bien said things escalated, and at one time the once-flying family was struggling to change meals.

“I fondly remember the smell of the firewood when my mom would boil githeri for what would be a week’s menu of that delicacy,” he said.

He said he and her sister were out of school for one year as their struggling parents refused to enroll them in the public school.

Prior, the singer and her sister were enrolled in an expensive, competitive boarding school.

Bien recounted seeing his father give up after months of job searching without success.

“My dad sat on the verandah the whole day reading the Bible and talking to himself, wallowing in depression,” said Bien.

He said watching her father struggle despite splashing money on leisure and helping people in need made him cautious about waste.

“You see now, anything I get I save for I understand the need for delayed gratification. Sometime I give, and I’m reminded of my father giving, and when he needed it, nobody came to give it to him,” he said.

He concluded:

“You’ll never hear of Bien popping bottles in a club on his own bill,”he said.

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