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Newborn Omote: Pilot who Died in Nairobi’s Mid-Air Collision was Ever Smiling, Friendly


-Pilot Newborn Omote and another unidentified person died after their plane collided with a passenger plane

-Omote’s plane from Ninety Nines Flying School collided head-on with a Safarilink plane with 39 passengers onboard

-Friends and family have eulogised the late pilot as someone who was always smiling and kind

Friends and family have eulogised the late Newborn Omote as a friendly and kind person.

Those who knew Omote took to social media to mourn the Ninety Nines Flying School’s pilot with a promising future.

In one of the videos shared on TikTok, Omote is seen in a happy mood, smiling, and the ensuing comments in the video attest that that was his disposition.

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Here are some of the comments from the video:

MS_Musau: We (the 99s) have lost such a beautiful soul. Manze Newborn was ever smiling, ready to help, and such a happy soul. Alikua anapenda kucheka aki. May his soul rest in peace, and that of Mariam too.

Sharz: “R.I.P. Newborn, a humble soul, ready to give hugs to his wife and kid.  May God comfort the family.”

Masikini Babu Yangu: Rest in Peace, Newborn. I knew him back in high school, Kanyawanga Boys High School.

Carlos: Definitely somebody slept at work …airplane accidents are not like car accidents..planes don’t just collide, control tower messed up! Rip senior!

Mamayao: “I can’t believe this, my uncle, you’re no more.”

Khadija: A very humble captain. Ever smiling. May he shine on his way.

Essieclavel: “No, we used to be close, kind soul dated things didn’t work out, and he remained to be a friend—the golden fish he was to give me.”

A man who identified himself as Omote’s uncle, Robert Kibagendi Ondieki, also posted on Facebook to mourn his fallen nephew.

“We’ve been hit hard by death that has snatched my nephew, Newborn Omote. Losing a pilot is a loss that words cannot explain. Surely, this world is not our home. Jesus, come and take us home.”

Also, a woman identified as Anita Kerubo mourned the deceased in a moving post.

“First it was my cousin Kaizer who left us, and now it’s my cousin Omote who died in the plane crash. What’s really happening to the Omote family? My condolences to the Omote family,” she said.

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The Safarilink plane was heading to Mombasa when it got involved in a head-on collision with a Ninety Nines Flying School from Wilson Airport.

Omote and the other passenger, identified only as Mariam, were the only fatalities.

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