Fans React as Kansiime Anne Stuns with ‘Strange’ New Look


-Kansiime Anne flaunted a pair of shoes she was gifted by her close friend Shine Omukiga

-However, fans took note of Kansiime’s new queer fashion taste

Comedian Kansiime Anne has elicited mixed reactions after unveiling a new fashion look.

It all started after Kansiime shared a photo donning shoes gifted to her by her friend Shine Omukiga.

The Ugandan comedian looked happy in the photos that attracted varied comments.

“Hello March. If you ignore my shoe, you are a witch. My sister of outside countries bought it very expensively for me,”wrote the comedienne.

The aftermath of the post included comments that particularly referred to her new fashion taste.

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A good number noted the comedienne was gravitating towards the queer and asked her to go back to her ‘old self’

Some, however, praised her boldness in trying out a new look.

Here are some of the comments:

Eunice Odhiambo: You decided to be a stud. This is not the beautiful Kansiime I knew.

To which Kansiime Anne replied, Eunice Odhiambo, when you decided to be a witch, we all let you be.

Priscilla Flower: “I love your artistic nature! You are unique, and that is what some people are failing to understand. Doing what makes you happy in life is what is important; people will always have an unsolicited opinion about everything in this life.”

Another commentator added:

“Sweetie go back to the other natural Bea gal. Trust me when I say you look better. Just work on your weight. You don’t need bling. You are too beautiful for jewelry. I love you, dear, for your big fun.”

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Pamela Chide: We miss the old you. That is why we were following you. Tell us if you have stopped acting so we know.

 Naome Agasa: “I can’t breathe properly because of your nose ring; I feel suffocated right now. Others are okay.”

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