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Rita Waeni: JKUAT Student’s Instagram Chats with Suspected Killer Uncovered


-It has now emerged that Rita Waeni chatted on Instagram with her suspected killer

-The messages between the two showed Waeni had, on several occasions, declined to meet the suspect

-The suspect eventually managed to lure the student by claiming he was considering leaving the country

The family of Rita Waeni is still trying to come to terms with the gruesome death of the 20-year-old JKUAT student.

As investigations go on, it has now emerged that Rita Waeni chatted regularly with her suspected killer on Instagram.

A detective told the Nation that the killer chose Instagram and avoided phone calls.

The investigators who uncovered communication between the two say Waeni had turned down several invitations to meet with her alleged killer.

Waeni even questioned whether the man was out to harm her, given his incessant demand for a meeting.

However, the suspect managed to get Waeni to meet him after telling the JKUAT student that he was planning to leave the country temporarily.

Sources say Waeni would later find herself with the man inside a short-stay rental house in Green House Apartments.

Killer demanded KSh 500K

According to Rita Waeni’s family, the deceased left her aunt’s residence in Syokimau to meet with a friend.

They say on Sunday, January 14, her father received a message, delivered from her phone number, demanding a ransom of KSh. 500,000 within 24 hours for the release of the JKUAT’s student.

“With this message, the family reported the matter to the police and DCI, and investigations began,” said a statement by the family.

The family received two more messages demanding the ransom.

“Unfortunately, the family did not get further details about the ransom or an opportunity to explore this route. Additionally, some demands were made when she had already been murdered,” the family said.

Waeni’s body parts were discovered inside a trash bag in the apartment by the caretaker on Sunday.

The deceased’s head was, however, missing and has not yet been recovered.

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Police are working to unearth the suspected killer.

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