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Nelvin Museti: Photos of Woman Who Died After Falling from 3rd Floor of Nairobi Apartment


-Nelvin Museti lost her life on Sunday, January 14, 2024, in Langáta, Nairobi County

-The 28-year-old woman reportedly jumped off the third floor of Ascort Apartments in the early morning hours

A 28-year-old woman died after she jumped off the third floor of an apartment in Nairobi.

The caretaker of the apartments, Mr. Mwangi, told the police, who rushed to the scene to discover the lifeless body of Museti.

Initial reports indicate that she had no visible physical injuries, but blood was reportedly oozing from her nose.


Nelvin Museti. Photo/Facebook

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Neighbours said they jumped off the balcony some minutes before 6 a.m., catching the attention of neighbours when they heard a thud. Museti reportedly lived alone in the house.

“The scene has been processed by crime scene personnel, and the body, which had no physical injury but blood oozing from the nose, has been moved to the city mortuary awaiting a post-mortem and further police action,” read the police report.


Nelvin Museti. Photo/courtesy

DCI detectives are working to determine if Museti unalived herself or if there was any foul play.

Meanwhile, Nelvin Museti had a powerful social media presence. On Facebook, she had slightly over 1.2K followers.

Nelvin regularly posted photos that rendered a portrait of the continuous improvement of her lifestyle.


Her friends and fans mourned as they tried to come to terms with her untimely demise.

Benson Mulamula: I will always miss you, my second-born dota. I wish they could have called me for anything instead of ending your life.

Sylvia Shisiali: R.I.P my dear cousin.



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Watashi Chelsey: A painful death, aki, Rest ln Peace Nelly, Sorry for your child.

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