What GoK Pays Families of KDF Soldiers Killed in Line of Duty


-Families of KDF soldiers who die while serving within the country receive KSh 4 million

-Those serving in peace missions outside the country get an additional KSh 7.4 million compensation

The country has lost a number of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in the recent past.

Some of the warriors have been killed within the country, while others died while in the line of duty in Somalia.

Defence CS Aden Duale has revealed the amount of money paid to the families of officers who die in the line of duty.

Duale revealed that the amounts vary depending on whether a KDF officer is serving within the country or outside.

The CS, who was responding to questions raised by senators, noted that the payment is usually released within 30 days of the officer’s death.

Duale disclosed that families of KDF soldiers who die while serving in the country receive KSh4 million.

He further revealed that those serving in peace missions outside the country get an additional amount of Sh7.4 million. This brings the amount of total compensation to KSh 11.4 million.

This amount is in addition to the deceased officer’s pension.

“This is nothing to hide, so I will say what we give immediately within 30 days. If the officer is serving within our country immediately, he gets KSh 4 million above his pension, which has a component called death gratuity.

“But if he is serving in ATMIS in Somalia, apart from the KSh 4 million, the AU and UN give that family US$50,000 (KSh 7,430,000),” Duale said.

The CS additionally stated that the families receive facilitative support that focuses on widows, orphans, dependents, and service personnel with disabilities.

Additionally, they receive counseling and psychological support to help military members and their families deal with loss and bereavement.

The state also helps such families through empowerment initiatives and reskilling programs designed to empower KDF widows.

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Duale stated that every service member who dies while performing their duties is likewise remembered and honored.

“Every individual who loses their life in service is honoured and accorded military burial rites, memorial services conducted, and medals of honour bestowed posthumously, as applicable.”

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