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Maina Njenga: Muammar Gaddafi Gave Me Billions Believing I Was Moi’s Son


Maina Njenga, the former leader of Mungiki, has shared details of his 2011 meeting with Muammar Gadaffi.

Njenga, who was among the 100 cultural leaders who visited Gaddafi, hailed the late Libyan leader as a kind and generous man.

Njenga claims that the slain Libyan leader generously gifted the group tasked with spreading his vision of a united Africa.

“A few months prior to Gaddafi’s death, I led a group of 100 elders to Libya. He knew me to be Daniel Moi’s son,” says Njenga in a viral TikTok video.

“Gaddafi gave us KSh 9 billion to divide amongst ourselves,” Njenga remarked.

“Gaddafi was a wealthy man, and the KSh 9 billion was like pocket change.”

The now-leader of Azimio said in the widely shared video that Gaddafi also slaughtered two camels for elders as a sign of respect.

He also claimed that Gaddafi gifted him a bed and a chair, which he has kept to date.

The KSh 9 billion claim by Maina Njenga contradicts the assertions of an elder in the party.

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In 2011, Peter Njoroge, a director of the Amani Sasa Foundation, told the Nation, “We were given $1,000 (KSh 150,000) each.”

The story further details the intrigues preceding the journey after the elders found Maina Njenga and his team on the plane sent by Gaddafi to pick them up.

According to Paul Kamlesh Pattni, Njenga’s inclusion in the delegation had been specifically requested by Gaddafi.

Pattni was the leader of the elders’ delegation.

“Although Mungiki founder is not an elder, he was part of the delegation at the request of Mr Gaddafi,” said the report.

It further says:

“The elders were shocked to find Mr Njenga and his entourage of 10 on the jet to Tripoli.”

It continues:

“Some asked why he (Maina Njenga) was allowed such a large retinue while their communities had a maximum of two representatives each.”

The report claims that throughout the two-week visit, Njenga was unable to deliver his KSh 5 billion proposal.

However, Gaddaffi’s people asked Njenga to fine-tune it so they could present it in a later forum.


Kamlesh Pattni (centre in golden robe) introduces Kenyan elders to Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi (left). Photo/courtesy

In January 2011, Maina Njenga paid Gaddafi a visit along with the elders known as the House of Traditional Elders of Kenya.

During the sessions, Gaddafi approved project suggestions from African and Kenyan elders.

KSh 400 million was supposed to be given to the Koitalel Samoei Cultural Centre in Nandi Hills town. The funds were to go towards renovation and expansion.

Gaddafi had also promised to provide funds for the building of an athletic camp for retiring athletes.

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Njuri Ncheke

More than KSh 550 million was also scheduled to be given to the Njuri Ncheke cultural leaders. The funds were for the construction of a Meru cultural centre.

In order to empower their communities, their Luo counterparts were to receive KSh 500 million to buy tractors.

An additional KSh 300 million was to be allocated for the building of a Luo cultural centre in Kisumu County.

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In the same vein, KSh 400 million was supposed to go to the Maasai community in order to build a cultural centre.

Muammar Gaddafi was killed on October 20, 2011, during the Arab Spring, throwing the projects into limbo.

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