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Kilifi-based Mganga Predicts Pastor Ezekiel’s Downfall: ‘He’ll be Jailed and Forgotten’

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-Kilifi-based mganga (spiritual healer) claims Pastor Ezekiel Odero uses majini (spirits) to enrich himself.

-Charles Odongo Olonde claimed to be the force behind Pastor Ezekiel’s woes with the authorities.

-He predicted that Ezekiel would soon go into obscurity and be forgotten.

 A mganga based in Kilifi County has claimed Pastor Ezekiel Odero uses majini to enrich himself.

Charles Odongo Olonde claimed the spirits take wealth from those who use merchandise, including water offered at Ezekiel Odero’s Mavueni church.

“Ezekiel is very corrupt. He uses majini at his Mavueni church. Even the water he gives has spirits that take money from those who use it and then give it to him,” said Odongo in an interview with the Official Flexis YouTube channel.

“If you use Pastor Ezekiel’s water, you start to diminish economically as he (Ezekiel) gains because your wealth is transferred to him.”

The spiritual healer, who claims to be a principality in Kilifi and the entire North Coast region, said his beef with Ezekiel started when a Muslim man appeared at the pastor’s church and claimed he had converted to Christianity.


Charles Odongo Olonde during the interview. Photo/screengrab

He claimed that Ezekiel hired the man and even gave him advice on how to speak in order to attract huge crowds to his church.

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He claimed that other spiritual healers had given him the assignment of dealing with Pastor Ezekiel and driving him to oblivion.

“Even if I disapproved of his actions, I would have let him continue with his business. But I and many others were offended when he displayed the man telling lies,” said Odongo.

The spiritual healer asserted that Ezekiel’s recent imprisonment was evidence that his descent into oblivion had begun.

“It’s time to forget about Ezekiel. He is done. His descent into obscurity has only just begun, and it will only become worse over time. I won’t stop until I see Ezekiel fully defeated,” Odongo declared.

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In a video that surfaced in 2022, Odongo warned Pastor Ezekiel that his downfall would start in May 2023.

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