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Wema Sepetu opens up about being beaten by ex-boyfriend Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has opened up about her violence-riddled relationship with her ex-boyfriend Diamond Platnumz.

Sepetu explained that at that time, Diamond’s music career had just taken off, and for her she was the most sought after actress.

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However, she revealed that the Bongo star was abusive and she was frequently subjected to physical abuse at the hands of the musician.

However, in a rather weird twist, Sepetu revealed that she used to enjoy the battering because every time the singer would beat her, he would later apologize with a lot of soothing which she enjoyed.

“Ninachokumbuka sana ni kipigo chake. Aisee kilikuwa hatari lakini nilikuwa napenda kupigwa naye kwa sababu alikuwa akinipiga ananibembeleza sana basi na enjoy,” Wema told a Tanzanian newspaper in a recent interview.

Sepetu further revealed that despite the beating, she could not leave because she was ‘madly’ in love with the ‘Tetema‘ hit maker.

The love was too much that she would defend Diamond for abusing her when her family learnt about it.

“Kuna siku Nasib, alionaga meseji imeingia kwangu akawa na wasiwasi nayo. Akanipiga kibao kikali kwenye shavu, halafu ndugu zangu wakajua. Hata nyinyi mlitoa kwenye gazeti. Lakini niliwaambia mimi napenda kupigwa naye hivyo waniache. Mimi nikipenda ndivyo nilivyo,” she revealed.

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The two later broke up, when Diamond left Sepetu for actress Jokate Mwengelo, but later went back to Sepetu before they broke up again.

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