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Ways to test pure honey

Honey contains abundant nutrients, living enzymes, and minerals making it an amazing refined elixir to your body.

There are some big problems apart from having the above ingredients and they are, purity and quality.

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Just to avoid being duped, you would want to know if the honey you’re buying is pure or not, but sometimes it is hard to differentiate between pure and that adulterated.

But then, if the buyer wants to enjoy the taste and benefits of honey, they must check for purity.

There are many ways to detect pure honey from adulterated honey.

Below are some of the tests;

Water Test.

Take a glass of water and and put a teaspoon of honey into it.

It should be noted that, an adulterated honey will always dissolve in the water while pure honey will settle at the bottom of the glass because of its dense nature.

Thumb Test

You will have to place some honey on you thumb and observe how it flows.

If it flows like any other liquid then automatically it is fake. Pure honey has good density and stickiness and will never run down.

Simply, pure natural honey will stick to the surface applied and will never drip but fake honey will flow like water.

Vinegar Test

In this test, you will have to mix honey into a solution of water and vinegar.

If your final observation is a foamy mixture then the honey is adulterated.

Matchstick test

Take your dry matchstick, dip in your honey and light it up. If it lights then your honey is pure.

And if it does not light then you are holding a fake honey which might have been added water.

You should note that pure honey is inflammable.

The Swirl Test

Take a small white bowl and put a tablespoon of honey and pour quarter cup of water and start swirling.

You are required to swirl until the honey starts to form a honeycomb shape.

If the honeycomb shape does not appear then you are having a fake honey.

Paper Test

You need to have a paper towel or napkins. Take any of the two and place honey on it. If the honey gets absorbed and wets the paper then it adulterated.

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Note, honey should be solid if it is pure.

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