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Types of boyfriends that ladies keep

Before concluding that he is the one, ladies usually study and go through a whole parade of ‘not my type.’

They might also chose to keep someone out of the many.

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This one who wins the woman’s heart must have range from funny to a hot guy.

Here is a list of types of boyfriends every lady wants to keep.

The funny guy

Women tend to feel as if the relationship is incomplete without a comedian boyfriend.

She like that because when your not around or when your old and gray, she would reminisce in the past and laugh again.

Husband material

Once they see potential in you, a lady would fight not to loose you. They want to keep their husband material.

This can happen especially when the lady wants to get married, she would even as much as possible hide her escapades.

The Sponsors

Women love men who spoil them. A man who meets her girlfriend daily will not lose her easily. This kind of men will always offer her money, take her to big hotels. So if you want to be kept just don’t be broke.


Women would always keep a man who is understanding.

That is, whenever you two get into a heated argument or fight, he would comfort you.

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He is there to advise you on how to deal with your anger and how. The man make the lady feel good and loved. A woman would never leave such a man.

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