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Kid leaves home after dad asked him to turn off PlayStation – VIDEO

A video of a young kid leaving home and telling his dad that he is running away has gone viral online eliciting hilarious reactions.

In the clip, the dad could be seen walking towards the kid as he was approaching the gate.

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The dad asked his son why he was leaving to which he answered that it is because he did not love him.

However, the dad denied the claims noting that he just told him to switch off the PlayStation.

Not convinced, the young boy claimed that both are the same thing.


@whartonrigby: My youngest son tried to “runaway” once. I walked with him as he calmed down. We took journey all over our community. Once he got tired, I picked him up and carried him home

@kristysf: When I tried to run away, my mom helped me pack. To this day, I don’t know if that was a baller-mom move or just traumatizing

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@DanteDLT: In fairness to the kid, it is still clearly broad daylight. How is it “time for bed”?

@Paranormalpope: The day my daughter “ran away”. She made it to the neighbors sidewalk and turned around, all because we told her to clean her room. What was in her suitcase you might be asking. Just the book- IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE. That’s it!

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