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Things your girlfriend should never ask

Relationships are meant for grown ups who know very well what they are getting into.

As a man, you ought to realize that once you commit into a relationship there are certain expectations that you should meet, to make it work.

That said, there are things that your girl should never ask you to do.You should do them by yourself without being told.

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Never ask for your time

Your girl should never ask you for your time.

You ought to create and spend quality time with her, show her that she is a priority and that you care and want to be with her.

Keeping too much distance and being too busy for her, will only drive her away, and worse, she may start spending time with someone else.

Never ask for compliments

As her boyfriend, complimenting her is your duty.

Women love compliments, especially from the people they love and value.

You ought to tell her she is beautiful, or else, someone will and snatch her from you.

Never ask you to stop flirting with other girls

If you already have a girlfriend, you shouldn’t go out flirting with other girls, even over text.

There is no excuse to flirting, and when in a committed relationship, know your limits.

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The last thing your girls should tell you, is to stop flirting!

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