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Roopkund Lake: The lake of Skeletons in India

Officially called Roopkund Lake, Located at an altitude of 5,029 meters in the Himalayas gained it’s nickname the lake of skeletons after scattered skeletal remains were discovered.

The skeletal remains float on the surface and become visible only when snow and ice melt in summer.

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According to sources, the skeletons discovered in the lake were of about 200 people who live in the in the 9 the century and believed to have died following a hail storm.

The remains were first discovered by a British forest guard in 1992 and after it was rumoured that the remains belonged to Japanese soldiers who died during world war II.

But recent studies by scientists have indicated that they belonged to two groups who were a family and the other one relatively short.

The scientists further stated that the people died following a fatal blow on the back of their heads but not as previously rumoured that their death was caused by weapons, avalanche or landslide.

It was reported that the wound on their heads revealed that they were hit by something circular like a golf ball.

Other speculations were that those people were General Zorawar Singh of Kashmir and his men who died in the region after the weather went bad on them when they were returning from a war in Tibet.

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Other speculate that it could be an epidemic in the are while others think it was the people committed suicide or maybe a suicide ritual.

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