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Musician Muigai wa Njoroge slams Uhuru and ‘dynasty’ friends in hard-hitting song

Celebrated Kikuyu musician Muigai wa Njoroge has released yet another hard-hitting song calling out President Uhuru Kenyatta and his dynasty friends for the continued oppression of the poor.

In the song dubbed Ino Migunda (This land), the musician addresses some land injustices among them the latest Kariobangi and Ruai demolitions, which he describes as gross actions which even satan would fear to engage in.

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The musician condemned the government for allowing demolition of houses in Kariobangi at a time when the country is battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Despite Coronavirus and heavy rainfall you demolished the houses of the poor. Was it that urgent?” He said. “Couldn’t the project wait? Some deeds are beyond the devil’s imagination.”

Njoroge also called out the so-called dynasties warning that a time will come when the oppressed will rise against the oppressors.

“This land will be subdivided equally since it cannot be sliced into pieces for human consumption like food. There will come a time when the common man will not tolerate your oppression anymore,” he sings.

In a veiled attack on President Uhuru, Gideon Moi and Raila Odinga coalition against Deputy President William Ruto, the singer accused the trio of being behind the smear campaign to tarnish the name of the DP.

“I’m here to say what you don’t like to hear, your lineage of oppressors and power inheritors, you who don’t know the meaning of hunger but we are now aware of your tricks and moves,” he added.

” There will come a day a home will be torched in Kisumu. There will also be no peace in kabarak and in your grandfather’s place,”(meaning Jomo Kenyatta)

He further accused politicians of spending millions during campaigns but cannot provide masks for those who cannot afford it during the pandemic.

“You are handling those who cannot afford masks brutally. Food is the priority to the poor as opposed to masks. At the same time, the landlord is still knocking tenant’s doors for rent while you are enjoying Ksh 4 million tea facilitation. I’m not sure but coronavirus is a business opportunity to some people,” Njoroge added.

Njoroge further defended DP Ruto saying that when a peasant’s son or daughter gets rich they are thieves, but when the dynasties loot they are said to have inherited.

He also called out individuals who put poison in food donated in Kikuyu by DP Ruto’s foundation.

“You went to Kikuyu to tarnish kind deeds done by the peasant’s son, you followed him to kill your people, you value power more than our lives,” he sings.

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“When you are in offices busy attending to your duties and regularly checking your account balances, it’s always prudent to ask yourself the fate of your children so as to ensure you don’t loot and leave your ill-acquired wealth in the hands of idiots and drunks.”

Njoroge rose to fame after he released his iconic hit over a decade ago and has gone on to release other songs that tell of the establishment for oppressing the poor.

A section of musician’s fan base mainly drawn from Kikuyu community and the larger Mt Kenya region regard him as the modern day Gikuyu seer in the footsteps of Mugo wa Kibiro.

Watch the song below,

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