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How to transfer money from Mpesa to Equity bank account

Transferring money from Mpesa to Equity has now become an easy task thanks to M-pesa Paybill.

Having this partnership, an account user will not have to walk to the bank just to deposit money or even withdraw.

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Today, we will give you comprehensive tutorial on how to easily transfer money from Mpesa to Equity bank account.

It is not only a tutorial on how to deposit but also how to withdraw. The steps are an easy and quick task which will take few minutes.

How to deposit money from MPESA to Equity

1. Head on to M-pesa and select Lipa Na Mpesa.

2. Click on Paybill and insert 247247 which is the Equity bank Paybill number.

3. You will now be required to enter an account number which is your Equity bank account number (it can be yours or the account number you’d wish to deposit money to)

4. You will the be directed to fill the amount you wish to deposit.

5. Mpesa will ask for your PIN. Enter your M-pesa pin

You will receive a prompt message requiring you to verify if the information entered is correct. If there is something you’d wish to change, type any letter on the box and click send. This will cancel the transaction. Remember, you have exactly 25 seconds to cancel the transfer.

If everything checks out. Press OK to send.

Mpesa and Safaricom will send you a message confirming the success of your transactions.

Deposit money to Equity bank account using USSD (*247#)

Follow these steps to transfer money from Equity to Mpesa using the Eazzy shortcode.

1. Take your mobile phone, dial *247#.

2. Continue by entering your bank’s account PIN.

3. Make sure you have sufficient funds for the Eazzy 247 service.

The next menu will appear.

4. Select the withdraw option.

5. Enter the amount, then your Equity bank PIN.

You don’t need a smartphone to use the Shortcode option.

How to withdraw money from Equity bank account to M-pesa

Well, there are two methods of depositing money from Equity to M-pesa.

Let’s have a look at the two methods.

(I) Using Equitel to transfer funds to your Mpesa from Equity account.

I would like to guess that, you have ever heard about the Equitel Sim Card, especially if you own an Equity bank account.

It is easy to use and a proficient method to use you only have to follow the steps below,

  1. Go to Equitel from your phone toolkit.
  2. Select My Money.
  3. Next, Select Send money.
  4. Chose the other options.
  5. Enter the Mpesa phone number you would like to send the money to.
  6. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer.

You’ll be asked to confirm the amount you are transferring from your Equity Bank account to Mpesa.

Also, confirm the phone number to which you are sending the money.

Type your PIN in the next section.

Check if all the information is correct and press the send button.

You will receive a confirmation note from Equity Bank as well as from Mpesa detailing to whom you have sent the money.

(II) Using Eazzy Bank App

Well this method will require you to have a smartphone and connected to internet.

If you have the aforementioned, head to google Playstore if you’re an android user or to you apple to is you’re an Iphone user and search for Eazzy Bank App.

Download and launch the App. From there you can be able to deposit money to your MPESA, buy airtime, and pay bills.

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Follow the simple steps highlighted below,

1. Open the app

2. On the welcome screen, choose to Send to MPesa from the quick action menu.

3. Choose the phone number from the contact list or manually type the click next.

4. Enter the amount you’d wish to send to the number

5. Provide your m-banking PIN to continue.

6. Select the correct Equity account you wish to send money from.

7. Confirm the transaction and click send money.

You will then get notified through an SMS by the two companies that your transaction has been completed successful.

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