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How to silence a beeping prepaid token meter

Power has become fairly a fundamental need, and prepaid power meters are being introduced in numerous homes as a method of observing and controlling their power utilization.

Individuals can purchase units, generally known as tokens, for any sum like airtime and observe the use.

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This has moved from the broadly wasteful and erroneous postpaid framework, where clients needed to pay after utilizing power.

In contrast to postpaid meters, where you needed to hang tight for postage toward the month’s end, make long lines to pay, and frequently battle with overstated sums, prepaid meters present a simple method to purchase tokens directly from your cell phone, dealer, or bank.

At the point when the units are going to be depleted, prepaid meters will caution you through a persistent implicit alert like a signaling sound.

The alarm begins, whereabout 20kWh imprint, and gets continous and quicker as you keep utilizing the tokens.

It turns into the most intense, and surprisingly quickest when your tokens fall underneath 5kWh.

The sound can become irritating a lot more particularly around evening time, yet there are ways you can stop the signaling sound.

The technique of quieting the prepaid meters differs starting with one model then onto the next. In this way, the means you use to quiet one meter, may not be equivalent to the one utilized on another meter.

Distinctive prepaid meter brands and models, have various ways that you can use to quiet the signaling sound.

Yet, on the off chance that the predetermined strategy doesn’t deal with your meter, try out the below means for different models.

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  1. Hexing – Press 812 followed by hash (#), or press 812 then ‘Enter’ key
  2. Nirav Star Instrument – Press 1037 then hit ‘Enter’ button 3 times
  3. Conlog Intech – Long press the hash (#) button, or hit the delete (backspace) button 3 times
  4. Actaris – Long press the ‘Enter’ button
  5. Inhemeter – Press 016 or 017 then ‘Enter’ or hash (#) button
  6. Shenzen – Press 1037 then hit ‘Enter’ button 3 times
  7. Itron – Long press the ‘Enter’ button
  8. Intech – Press 812 then hash (#) button

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