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5 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Girlfriend


Here are several things you should at all costs avoid saying to the woman you love

Women want to date a man who is soft on them, a man who is understanding and doesn’t scold them frequently.

There are several things you might do to your girlfriend, thinking she is okay with them, only to learn that she got angry.

If she asks for your opinion about her looking fat

Women can be very cunning at times. When she’s asking this question, she might pretend that she is so in need of your honest opinion.

She’ll convince you she won’t get mad about what you say, but watch out! It’s a trap you never want to fall into.

If she asks you this question, never say you think she looks fat!

Say no, my man! No matter what you see.

You’re a woman; act like one

Never say this to a woman, especially one that you love.

The words are offensive as they diminish a woman, making it seem like they are not enough or that what they are doing is not womanly enough.

Most men who use the words tend to suppress women, subjugate them, and treat them unfairly.

Making fun of her insecurities

Do not pile into a woman’s insecurities by making jokes out of them because it’s never funny!

Her insecurities may be about her body, weight issues, or confidence, but whatever they are, never make fun of them.

You can crack jokes about other things, but never touch on the things that bring her insecurities.

They are completely off-limits!

Don’t say anything to her that will make her doubt herself.

There are so many things we shouldn’t say to people, especially women.

For instance, you should never say things that make your woman lose her confidence.

Do not say things that tear her down, either behind her back or in her face. Instead, say things that boost her confidence and build her up!

Your words and actions should be carefully thought out, and you should be gentle when correcting her.

Never say things you do not mean

If you do not mean it, do not say it!

That’s the evergreen rule, men! Try as much as possible to avoid saying things when you are mad or frustrated, even though you do not mean them.

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It may be hard to apologize, and you sure as hell, can’t take them back!

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