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10 Kenyan celebrities who narrowly cheated death

The saying goes death is no respecter of persons. It takes the rich, poor and famous.

There are Kenyan celebrities who wiggled their way out of the jaws of death and lived to tell the tales of their narrow escapes.

Here is a list of 10 celebrities who almost died.

1. Betty Kyalo

Betty was involved in a grisly road accident while studying at Kangundo Girls High School.

The TV queen was hit by a matatu near the Railway bus station and got trapped under it. She lost four ribs, broke her jaw and her lungs collapsed due to the accident.

The accident left her hospitalised for two months where she underwent seven surgeries.

2. Antony Ndiema

The KTN presenter has on several occasions told of how he almost lost his life after being attacked by a mob.

Ndiema said that he was alighting from a vehicle in Kawangware when one man shouted ‘Mwizi’ pointing at him.

Before he could fathom what was happening a mob descended on him with blows and kicks.

He suffered serious injuries where he was stabbed twice on the back and left for dead before being saved by a couple who heard him groan in pain.

At the hospital, the doctor told him he would never walk again because the knife destroyed critical nerves.

He, however, claims he got healed after God assured him in a vision that he would walk again.


Back in 2003, the Juju hitmaker was involved in an accident that claimed his colleague E-sir while returning to Nairobi from Nakuru.

Their Mitsubishi Pajero lost control and rolled several times killing E-sir on the spot.

Nameless who was seated at the back with no seatbelt got lucky and escaped with minor injuries.

4. Daddy Owen

Apparently the story that made Daddy Owen turn into a new leaf is a sad one.

He told of how he fell victim to a mob justice after attempting to pickpocket a pedestrian along Church House near bomb blast site.

Daddy Owen had thrown caution into the air and joined a gang that was terrorizing residents in the area. Despite warning from his parents he didn’t reform and until his 40th day came.

On that fateful day, he was beaten black and blue and his eye got poked with a sharp object.

Luckily someone called his brother Rufftone who came and took him to Kikuyu PCEA hospital where he underwent eye surgery.

Since then Daddy Owen got saved and joined the gospel industry.

5. Lulu Hassan

On April 19, 2010, Lulu was involved in a grisly road accident while heading to Kisumu on an assignment.

She said that on reaching Kapkatet ‘everything happened so fast and she recalls finding herself in a hospital in Kericho undergoing first aid before being transferred to Nairobi for emergency surgery.

Lulu had injured a leg and needed a proximal femur locking plate.

She feared she would never be able to walk again in her life.

However, in  2017 doctors removed the plate which Lulu offered to donate to an elderly patient who needed it but could not afford it.


Unknown to many the Sauti Sol band member was involved in an accident some years ago.

He was hit by a bus and suffered serious injuries but got through it.

7. Linus Kaikai

The Nation media group journalist was among six journalists who were involved in an accident along Mai Mahiu-Narok road back in 2012.

Kaikai’s vehicle which was carrying the journalists had a tire burst thus veering off the road and rolling severally.

Kaikai and the others were hospitalised and got discharged.


In September 2014, rapper Wangeci and her best friend Tionna Lyssa were involved in an accident in Lavington.

Wangeci survived with serious injuries but her friend died. She has always said she feels guilty about the accident.

9. Big Pin

He was shot by gangsters at their home in Greenfield Estate.  The singer was able to live to tell the tale thanks to his mother who arrived home early and had him get medical attention.

He said the gang had come looking for his mother but she was not at home. Before Big Pin could tell them where his mother was, one of the gangsters shot at him after running out of patience.

10. Pilipili

Pilipili and Edward Kwach were involved in an accident back in 2010.

Their vehicle collided head-on with a Mercedes that tried to overtake at a sharp corner.

Two passengers from the Mercedes died on the spot. Pilipili and Kwach survived.


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