Mwanamke ni kujiamini! Akothee reveals newly acquired ‘bedminton’ skills


The singer shared an old photo of herself and her ex-husband Jared enjoying a boat ride further praising her newly acquired bedroom skills.

I’m sure you must have heard motivational speakers say that if you put in 10,000 hours on a subject, then you qualify to become an expert in that area.

Now, it seems the hypothesis not only applies to professional duties but also “bedminton” if singer Akothee’s confession is anything to go by.

Controversial musician Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee has now revealed she is more skilled in bed today than she was in 2010.

The singer shared an old photo of herself and her ex-husband Jared enjoying a boat ride, reminiscing about the days she was an ‘amateur’ in the bedminton arena.

“I just don’t know why this love ended; see romance, shaa; just imagine I didn’t even have any idea of sex. I was just showing up in bed, I discovered sex in 2010.

“Jared should try me now, haki; the ambulance should be packing downstairs; a patient will be visiting the doctors, and that patient is not me. I really feel like I should show him my new styles and the things I learned on earth after I left. I have advanced,” said Akothee on Instagram.

Jared was Akothee’s first husband and the father of her three daughters, Celly Rue, Vesha and Fancy Makadia.

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In June 2019, in what she called the AkotheeChallenge, the singer revealed that Jared is the man who broke her virginity and taught her how to kiss.

“See my first love?? The man who broke my virginity, the father of my 3 beautiful daughters. The man who taught me that people kissed I always run away with my mouth, I was wondering why I should eat somebody’s saliva?,” Akothee stated.

She also revealed that Jared always stood by her side, recalling a time when they were both thrown out and sent to another village.

“Apart from us breaking up, this guy had my back; we went through sh*t together; even when his parents said no to me, he stood by me; we were thrown out together to go back in the village,” Akothee said.

“He was still a student, so when his parents chased me away, he said he was coming with me. We were deported from Awendo to the village in Kanga, where they had built us a house,” she added.

However, Akothee later separated from him and got into a relationship with a foreigner she met in Mombasa.

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From the relationship, Akothee had two boys, Prince Ojwang and Prince Oyoo, who live with their father in Europe.

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